The Foundation – Part V(Truth Is)

Truth Is

Is anybody noticing how straightforward, how simple these very profound principles are?  It is very easy to have intellectual understanding about what it is I’m sharing here, but I challenge you to choose one, any one, of these principles and live it for a week.  I’ll make it easy:  live one of these principles, fairly and completely, giving it all you’ve got, for just one day.

I’ve been working at it since they gave these to me two decades ago, and I am nowhere near even beginning to understand the levels and the layers of insight that are available to me just by working these simple principles.

Tuning fork by John Walker stamped with note (...

Tuning fork(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a certain phrase I hear a lot: ” well, that may be your truth, but it’s not mine” or some variant thereof.  What does that mean, exactly?  And how can we know something is true, or not?

We’re walking around in a perfect truth-sensing vehicle: our bodies.  I was told ” the tuning fork of Truth resides in your heart.”

English: Goose bumps on my sister's arm.

Goose bumps. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The goose-flesh you get, or the tears that well up, these are signals that you are in the presence of Truth.  So pay extra attention to whatever it is you are hearing or seeing or sensing.

Sometimes on our journey, we may find ourselves getting caught up in the teachings of a charismatic speaker, or perhaps the newest technique to get you on the fast track to ascension.  We jump on the glorious bandwagon and take the ride.

Then somewhere along the way, our viewpoint changes.  Perhaps we decide we’re not going to follow that path, that “leader” anymore.  (Remember, all is for learning). So we head off in another direction, seeking.

What I would propose to you is this:  you were not in the presence of Truth to begin with.  For if you were, all that came after would also resonate with you, and would NOT contradict your original understanding of something, but rather would build upon it.

As you grow in your Awareness, your understanding of any fundamental Truth will grow and expand as well.  But at NO TIME will something you felt or understood to be true subsequently become NOT true.  Because TRUTH IS.  Unchanging.  Immutable.

The only thing about absolute Truth that ever changes is our level of comprehension of it.

This has been, and remains, one of the basic touchstones I constantly refer back to.  I pay attention to my body-response.  I check the new information or insight with what I already understand.

By using this ‘technique’ – I don’t know what other  word to use here – I have also discovered that when the signals for Truth are only around the fringes of the energy of something, it is a signal that I am to pay attention, for more of the Truth is getting ready to come into my conscious awareness.  The refined version of this basic principle is that you can begin to sense Truth coming to you before it arrives.

What I have also experienced is that the more I work with this Principle, the more insights I have, and my understanding of the Truth grows according to the amount of effort I am willing to put into the working of the energy.

My life is my message.~ Ghandhi

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10 thoughts on “The Foundation – Part V(Truth Is)

  1. Knowing the truth is made very easy. However, for those of us who never experience goose bumps or rarely fell tears even in time of the death of a loved one, what would be the means to know the truth? Probably, somehow and somewhere, our body, soul and mind are disconnected.

    • Ferdinand: there has been trauma in my life as well. Not to the degree you have experienced, so I am in no way comparing the wounds to my psyche the level of wounding you carry. What I know to be true is that when we carry within our hearts the desire to heal these wounds, somehow,some way, someday, it is done.
      Such trauma can indeed cause a disconnect in the body /mind /soul. But as long as your heart is beating, as long as there is breath, there also is hope.
      I would be happy, while we are at Mount Shasta, to make time after the gathering to share some things that might be helpful to you in this regard. It would be a blessing for me to do so. ~JulieMarie

  2. Beautifully Explained.. I find that peoples perceptions of Truth varies .. I often speak in my venues and explain that once upon a time Science thought this world Flat and those who followed the scholars of that time also said it must be true, for Science says so.. As sailors said they would sail off the edge of our world.
    But when we expand our knowledge .. we discovered the world wasn’t Flat but round.. So our Truth changed.. as our awareness expanded..
    We are expanding our AWARENESS all the time, and discovering new Truths.. But those Universal Truths have always been there, just that Man’s awareness of them hasn’t
    One day Julie we will be smiling as they will see those of the invisible realms are far from invisible but as real as we are in this world of Illusion!
    A great post! 🙂

    • Oh, what a PERFECT analogy! It really IS about perception, because the Truth is immutable and unchanging. Thank you so much for reading and even more so for taking the time to respond. ~JM

      • I’m pleased you enjoyed the analogy. What we have to battle with is those who never look outside of their own Boxes and whose views are so narrow they are squeezed and blinded by their own opinions.
        While its good we all have our own opinions, many just Will not even listen to another’s point of view.
        Especially some whose upbringing has been indoctrinated through generations of narrow-mindedness.

        When I have a point to make that may be controversial, I say: “Believe not one word that I say… Go out there and find out the Truth for yourselves,
        for its only by searching and seeking and asking and questioning everything that we grow.”

        There is so much ‘Out there’ and we are ALL of us Growing and Progressing. Even those whose lights seem dim. For without the Dark shadows we too wouldn’t find the Light. There has to be Balance, both Light and Dark.
        And I didnt mean to go on so. So my soap-box I will step down from LOL.. 🙂
        And bid you a good evening…
        Sue x

      • I have learned not to do battle. I will throw it out there, because I am guided to do so. I always say before every lecture or presentation that I do, that what I am about to share is from my place on the wheel, and is according to my level of understanding. I am not there to convince or convert, only to communicate. I Then ask them to take the parts that resonate, and to leave the rest, and that my feelings will not be hurt either way.
        I agree with you that it is only by the searching and seeking and asking and desiring to have understanding that we learn and grow. I will add that what I have found to be true is that the more I understand, the more apparent it becomes that I understand so little.
        And, dear Sue, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little soap-boxing from time to time. I for one rather enjoyed it.
        So thanks for taking the time to share. I could actually feel the passion you have in the words you wrote. ~JulieMarie

  3. When I was younger I was definitely a ‘head’ person – trying to work everything out mentally. These days I am definitely a feeling person – listening to the heart/body. It’s instantaneous and reliable, bypassing our conditioned thought patterns to give us the straight goods as it were. Another nice post, Julie Marie.
    ~ Paul

    • That shift in the way you choose to move in the world now is why you are able to state, in Truth, that you are Resting in Awareness, because you are in the process of expanding your awareness by listening to ALL parts of who you are. And yes, the input is instantaneous and reliable. Glad you have also found that to be “Truth”. And thanks, by the way. ~ JulieMarie

  4. Receiving the guidance “your heart is your compass” was one of the most pivotal points on my journey, I think I like “the tuning fork of Truth resides in your heart” even better, and remembering to trust the intelligence of our bodies is HUGE. Thank you!

    • It is an untapped resource there, the body. It will help us with this journey if only we pay attention. And that’s the key. And thank you for liking the way my unseen Teachers put it to me as much as I do. There is something poetic about the words..the tuning fork of Truth resides in your heart…sort of unforgettable, which (I think) was the point. Thanks for stopping by.

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