August Energy Report

The Closest Thing to a Brief Respite

Our physical bodies have been pushed to their limit.  Our emotional bodies are drained.  For the past few months, it has seemed as if we were running as fast as we can just to stay even.

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Mt. Shasta California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I perceive the month of August as the closest thing we are going to get to a ” break in the action” between now and the end of the year.  And we need this downtime, because September is bringing something really big.(I want to encourage anyone who is reading this to take a look at the article I posted at IntheCompanyofAngels about the gathering at Mount Shasta in September.  Read it with the eyes of your heart, and respond accordingly. I posted the more current article about the Gathering below.)

I, for one, am happy to note we live in a universe that is cyclic in nature.  We’re now coming  out of the last set of rapids, and we will  have a little stretch of relatively calm waters this month.

Except for the retro grade energies that we’re still working with that began in July, the only heavenly addition for August is a blue Moon.  What this means is there will be two full moons this month.This is a time to focus on completion, because blue moons are all about the energy of completion.

And now I’m hearing the Spice Girls: so tell me what you want, what you really, really want…

Use this quiet time to focus on what you really, really want.  The universe is asking you to tell it.  If you are not clear about what it is you would create for yourself and your experience here, you will have muddy waters.

Compared to the last few months, August should be easier on us despite the weather extremes many of us are experiencing.  I have noticed a return of a disruption in my sleep cycle, so if anybody else is experiencing this, please let me know as it helps me to identify when it is just me and when it’s the larger energies.

Respect your body’s needs at this time.  Spending some time in silence will help to soothe your overtaxed nervous system.

This would be a good time to play a little.  Go do something you really enjoy.  This will help to balance out the intense work of the past few months, and to recharge your batteries to get you ready for what is coming in September and beyond.

The best way out is always through. ~ Robert Frost

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10 thoughts on “August Energy Report

  1. Thanks so much for this article. It has indeed been a strangely quiet month of completion. Mostly focused on healing my relationship with my ex and clearly preparing for the next quantum leap. I appreciate your interpretation of the blue moon. Cheers.

  2. Me too- last few weeks very dreamy and restless sleep, waking often but mostly able to drift back fairly soon. Feeling tired though from all of it as I have been getting 8-9 hours solid a night in recent months before this. My sensitive adult daughter has been getting the same pattern of dreamy restless sleep too. Feeling exhausted at end of the week which I haven’t felt since earlier in the process ( I got my wake-up call 22 plus years ago). On the plus side I have had some days of experiencing very few thoughts and even deeper and more pleasant expansive emptiness when sitting in stillness ( which i have felt a real pull to spend even more time in than my usual long times). Also much more detached from drama much of the time.

    • Well, we must have been on the same list! I was awakened 22+ years ago now as well. And the Silence has become more important to me these days, as well. Often, when I am working, will have expansive music playing in the background. Not even doing that now, and haven’t for weeks, now that I think about it.And the whole ‘drama’ thing resonates here, too. Sometimes not having family or even lots of close friends has its advantages. :-)No drama to deal with.Appreciate your stopping by.

      • I suspect there were many awakened around that time. I hung out a bit with the Tobias stuff on the New Energy at the Crimson Circle in the early days ( they had a change of direction and I haven’t related for some years now). Tobias used to say that we had in common at that time that we were awoken at that same time, we were old souls with Lemurian roots and (this Tobias group at least) Family of Archangel Michael. I have no idea what the story is but there were a lots of Ah Ha’s in the threads to the time of waking up as we did seem to have that in common.
        I have been listening a bit to Mooji (much my age too) lately and he seems to have had a similar timing and then become Self-realized a few years later.
        I also note that the head of one of the British Sufi orders (Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee) is much my age and has once referred to a large number rendevousing at this point in time. So it feels like many Beings with similar intent and similar timing sprinkled through many places with the words needed by different traditions. Whatever the timing, it feels like a very long time this lifetime and I for one will be pleased when there is an end to it.

      • My path has been pretty much a solitary one. Have heard of Tobias, but never ‘followed’. Thanks for sharing the information about the Lemurian roots/AA Michael connection. Oddly enough, BOTH things relate to a project I have been asked by the Higher Realms to facilitate at Mount Shasta this September. I didn’t understand why me, but perhaps that is why.
        I am in total agreement with you about it feeling ‘like a very long time this lifetime…’. I, too, grow weary. And it seems to be a weariness that is aeons old. Time to go Home.

      • Thanks for your comments. Sounds like there is a lot of general similarity. When I said ‘hung out’ I meant in a virtual sense. I have followed quite a solitary path ( I’m not much of a joiner and with mystic inclinations, not that ‘groupy’ generally).
        I too have been stripped bare of friends, and family have mostly been at a distance. I think this 22 years plus group may have a lot of that in common. I do now relish the quiet and have no interest in romantic relationships any more or much outer connectedness – at this point anyway.
        Best wishes with your work.

  3. I am also having trouble sleeping. I am tossing and turning in the middle of the night.

    • Something that I have found to be helpful when this starts happening is to add a little extra exercise, mostly walking in my case. And my body can always use more exercise!:-) Thanks for sharing.

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