Morning Coffee – 08/03/12

A Loose End

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I would like to use today’s cup of coffee to tie up a loose end.  Early in June, I wrote a post about a horse and a race. I was convinced this  jockey and this horse were going to be victorious.  Now my logical mind assumed that a victory would come in the form of them winning the Triple Crown.

When it didn’t happen, I was a bit confused.  For what I’d anticipated was that this energy of rejoicing was going to be utilized somehow by the energies on the other side that are helping the planet to ascend.

I did put in my request for clarity and understanding around this.  It seems, at least where this matter is concerned, I’m not the brightest bulb in the box.  It wasn’t until I reread my article from June 6, 2012, that a certain concept jumped out at me:  that what this race was about was generating a specific energy that could be used to help complete “the template for our higher collective consciousness.”

I’ll Have Another had a slight injury to a tendon in his left front leg which led very quickly to his being pulled from the race and subsequently retired.  How could this be what was intended? How could this be part of the Divine Design?

Perhaps a different owner would have raced this horse.  But this owner did not.  He recognized the heart, and the willingness to run that this colt had.  In an article that he wrote shortly after he made his decision, he said that  although was a shock, it didn’t take him long to make up his mind.  To him, I’ll Have Another was an equine hero.

I’ll Have Another, in his opinion, deserved a better fate. And that’s just what this horse got.  It was through an exercise of compassion, consideration, and conscience, this horse was withdrawn from the race.

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And the attention of the entire world was on him when he made this decision.  As you all know, energy flows were attention goes.  So this man’s act of kindness towards  an animal in an industry where these animals are often used, abused, and then disposed of when their usefulness has run its course was a victory for the horse.

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This world could use more compassion.  Compassion for ourselves, compassion for each other, compassion for all animals but especially for the plight of our companion animals (horses, dogs, and cats).

So if the Divine Design was to seed the template of our collective consciousness with the energy of compassion, then job well done, IHA.  Run on, you courageous horse.  Run on.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them, humanity cannot survive. ~ The Dalai Lama

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