The Foundation – Part VI(As Above, So Below. Introduction)

As Above, So Below. Introduction

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We’re almost to the end of this series.  As I stated before, the principles are relatively straightforward.  The learning and the growth comes from the conscious application of them, and the frame of reference they provide. I perceive them as a new pair of glasses – for those of us who need to wear them, when you have the proper prescription, your vision clears and often your field of vision expands.  That’s how it was for me with these principles.

I literally began to see life differently, and began to live it in a different way as well.  A lot of how I move in the world makes no sense to other people because often it is not “logical”.  And that’s OK.

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By this time, I thought I was going to be getting these little rules to live my life by on a regular basis for as long as I lived, for they just kept coming.  At least my unseen Teachers understood that the human mind is finite, and that if I were expected to remember and integrate all of the principles into my life as well as the one with the other, there couldn’t be a lot of them for me to work with.  Otherwise, it’s not likely I’d work with any of these principles.  And if my Teachers thought this, they were correct.  (And they probably did, because they’re  always right.)

Here are a couple of examples of the insights that I have had through contemplating this particular principle.

In order for me, the human aspect of myself, to be able to bring through what it is my soul would express here, I – the little I – must come into alignment with the energy/vibration of the soul. In other words, I must become a harmonic of my soul’s vibration in order to function effectively, and to be able to embody that frequency. (More on all this in the articles on frequency.  Coming soon.) As above, so below.

This process isn’t really “ascension”.  Or more aptly put, perhaps I should say this process isn’t only ascension.  For if it were, then this principle would be not the Truth.  And since my Teachers had not been wrong about any of the other concepts, I knew they were not wrong about this one.  If anything was lacking in the learning, it was my understanding of what I was being shown.It took me a few months to integrate this one to my satisfaction, to make it fit with everything else I’ve been taught.  As above, so below.

My life is my message. ~ Ghandhi

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8 thoughts on “The Foundation – Part VI(As Above, So Below. Introduction)

  1. Hello Juliemarie,
    Isn’t it interesting when looking back to when the knowledge started to come through and be understood, how little we knew. An a ha moment, only to find there is so much more, and as our level of understanding increases the more we are able to take in, and sometimes think, well I know all that now…….Only to realise that it is never ending, it goes on and on…..I love it, and I love the way that my understanding is growing all the time….even if people think I am weird!!


  2. I just discovered Part VI tonight, don’t know where I’ve been, lol! Had to go back and read from Part I. Very moving. Seems like there’s so much ‘between the lines’, or maybe it’s just me. I’ve had some similar thoughts, don’t always know how to process them. Can’t wait to read more.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read it all. And yes, there’s a lot between the lines. Sometimes there are no words, just the energy. This series is actually the basic teachings I received when I was first awakened. It was like going to school, but at home (hmmm, what a concept:-) somebody ought to run with that one!)I had lived my life according to these simple precepts for the past 22 years, and the path I have been led to walk has been a continuing education experience, thanks to the principles. I appreciate your stopping by and commenting. Reader feedback is important to me.

  3. After awakening I lost pretty much all my friends because the way I lived my life changed so much. It wasn’t even a choice I made, things just naturally took shape as my understanding of life evolved – it was a fast process too. The “little I” would definitely not have chosen this at all, but how wonderful it actually is! I remember filling pages and pages with new understandings in letters to one friend who was willing to listen.

    Julie Marie, could you please explain what you mean by “ascension”, the term is not used in the traditions I am familiar with.

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