Morning Coffee – 08/04/12

An Insight

Image of man driving a team of sphinxes with castle in the background.

The Two Minds.

This morning’s cup is a little different.  During a recent conversation about the things of Spirit, I had an insight I’d like to share here with you.

One of the most important things we can do it this time is to make a concerted effort to function in a whole brained way as much as possible.  Now I will say  that I am not an expert on the Tarot.  However, an image from the Tarot is what came when I was having the insight.Everything I’m getting ready to say to you is not mentioned anywhere in any write up I’ve ever seen about the meaning of this card.  But this card is what gave me the insight, so I’m going to use it.

The male of the species is more prone to working from the left side of the brain; the logical, linear side, and a female tends to be more right-brained in their functioning.   The male is a mental creature, the female more an emotional one.

In order for us to move beyond this realm of duality however, we must integrate, through utilization, both sides of the brain.  This can be a scary prospect for anyone who is comfortable with operating out of one side or the other.

As I went looking for an example of The Chariot to use with this article, I became aware of a couple of other things symbolized on the card.  There is a star above his head and a square on his chest.  The canopy of the chariot is in fact a representation of a starry night sky.

Medial longitudinal fissure

Medial longitudinal fissure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The recent Foundation post was all about as above, so below and perhaps that is why these particular things lit up for me, because that principle was so fresh in my mind.The task here is not only to harmonize the left and right hemispheres of the brain, but to work as well harmoniously with the mind and the heart.  If we function in an unbalanced way, we will never achieve wholeness.  And if we never achieve wholeness, we cannot move beyond duality.

In fact, if you look at this shield in the center of the chariot that is topped by the wings, you’ll see there a modified Hindu Yoni – Lingham symbol.  Looks like the union of opposites to me.

It is only when we are in control of ALL parts of ourSelves, that we are able to drive the Chariot of Mastery to the next level of spiritual development.

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8 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 08/04/12

  1. For a while I felt out of control, But as this Full Moon shone it was as if I was back in the drivers seat again..
    Sorry I missed my Morning Cuppa, I was working yesterday, Today I cleared out my email box of over 600 unopened emails.. And I feel once again in charge and not overwhelmed.. so maybe I am useing both sides of my brain again..
    Ohhhh and As i said that I just got a down-load 🙂 as if to confirm it.. haha..
    Enjoy your Sunday Julie Marie, and keep shining your light for others to follow..
    Love Sue xx

    • Oh, hey, I missed POSTING a Morning Cuppa, because I was teaching an Intuitive Development class in another town and plumb forgot! But I got my exercise in, and so I guess that is what really mattered. There is something very freeing about making space, about clearing out. And not just a ‘normal’ level of feeling unencumbered. I feel there is an extra charge on it these days, so I understand the clearing out of the email box. Although I don’t have 300 or 600 at a time to clear out, thank goodness. From our exchanges, and from reading your blog, I’m pretty certain you’ve ALWAYS been using both sides of your brain, just when we get in ‘overwhelm’, the intuitive side DOES seem to shut down (which is a mystery to me why, but I have had that experience – how bout you?). You continue to illuminate YOUR world, as well, Sue. Blessings~JulieMarie

      • I think we go into over drive at times and just get too clogged up to allow the energy to flow.. Its always those times when we do not ‘think’ and just use our intuition as we link into those higher realms that are the best connective times.. For me anyway..
        I often cant sleep and keep a journal by my bed.. I dont think, I just let my pen write, it is often during these times my most inspired poems are delivered through me.. I say through me, for if I try to think a poem it will not happen.. and I change words to rhyme, where as I never change one Word in my inspired poems. They just flow sometimes coming so fast I cant hardly keep up with them.
        This to me is when we allow the energy to flow when the ‘Clutter’ is removed…
        Why we need those quiet times to reflect and find that sacred space and Peace. ..
        Blessings to you always xx Sue

  2. Very nicely put, Julie Marie. Awakening for me very much involved bringing these energies into balance, Beforehand, I was very left brain / mind oriented. Awakening brought about a stunning (for me at least) activation of right brain / heart energy.
    I, too, have found Tarot cards a profound tool for contemplation (I have never used them for divination). The symbols are universal, and meditating upon them always brings up something meaningful for me. I was very much into Hermetic and Gnostic teachings at one time.

  3. I’m still in the process of falling out of the Chariot! 😀
    Perhaps it’s the catch 22…once you think you have it…you don’t!

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