The Foundation – Part VII(As Above, So Below)

As Above, So Below. Conclusion.

The chakras in Diwali 2010

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We live in a base 12 universe. Scientists state that the Universe is made up of 12 particles of matter.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  There are 12 tones in the chromatic musical scale, not the 7 notes we learned in school.

I was told in the beginning that I was to look at Jesus and the 12 disciples as a three-dimensional model for my own awakened self. It is possible they told me to use this model because I was raised Catholic, but I believe any story anywhere of a great teacher with 12 close followers would also fill this bill. It did not take me long to make the connection between this three-dimensional model and the 12 signs of the zodiac in the heavens.  As above, so below.

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By this time, I’d been talking to other people in my town – most of whom hung out at the little metaphysical store I’d found – and had learned about ‘chakras’.  The thing that  always puzzled me about this is they only ever talked about seven of them. If this is a base 12 universe, then we have 12 primary chakras.  (Yes, I realize people have been talking about the higher chakras for quite some time now.  I remind you I was receiving these teachings in the early nineties.) As above, so below.

There are 12 primary meridians in the body.  There are 12 signs of the zodiac in the heavens.  Jesus and the 12 disciples represent a three-dimensional model of each of us, enlightened.  (Or functioning as a fully ensouled being if you would prefer.) If you take these three factors and view them in the light of the principle being discussed here, it would be easy to see how one could conclude the following:

This physical body is designed to anchor in 12 great strands of energy.  Each strand of energy represents an aspect of our Greater Self, our Divinity. As above, so below.

I believe that the greatest proportion of people on this planet are not operating to the level of their greatest potential, for if they were, this planet would be a very different place.  But there is hope.

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One of the things I was told at the turn of this century, is that we’re living in the time of the 12th disciple. (That statement is important.  That is why it’s bolded. So you don’t miss it.) What this means, as it was explained to me, is that we, individually, have the unprecedented opportunity to pull in through the doorway that is beginning to open all of the strands of our divine selves. These strands interface with the physical body through the 12 primary meridians.  I am told that when we complete this successfully, we will be perceived as if we were wearing a crown of Light. And we will then be a mirror image of that which we see when we look at the heavens.  As above, so below.

Now I cannot provide you with any proof of any of this.  However, it is my perspective that we must finish this step, we must complete this reintegration at the level of soul before we can move into the next evolution that awaits us all. And then, what we now perceive as the “above” will become, referentially speaking, our “below”.

And if the cosmos is cohesive, we will begin our next cycle of development.

My life is my message. ~ Ghandhi

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11 thoughts on “The Foundation – Part VII(As Above, So Below)

  1. Hello again,
    I totally agree, this is also where I find myself……having read the Celestine Prophesy series that, I feel says the same thing. I have not had direct contact with spirit via channelling but because I read a lot, i have always been guided to books and have gleaned what makes sense to me or what touches me as knowing that has always moved me forward.
    Thanks for sharing so look forward to your posts.

    • Oh, by no means am I saying what I am sharing is ‘new’. I am telling the story of my beginnings 22+ years ago. This is where I started from, and these are the tools I have used since then. I do know for certain that there is NOTHING new under this sun. It is all out there, being brought in through many different ‘receivers’ in many different ways. I like how you said that you get what you need from reading the books you are guided to, and that you take from them what resonates with you. Perfect. Thank you for your continuing interest. And you are most welcome, Sandie.

  2. You have once again explained this wonderfully Julie, I too was on my path of discovery in the early 90’s and yet it was later I put things together about the 12 being prominent in many things such as you have explained so well here.
    I have no doubts that this is so. And the energies are now opening so that we too are changing so that we can transcend this dimension we are now in.. How that will unfold I still am an infant in my quest of learning. All I know is that I ‘Feel’ this within my ‘Being’ and as I continue my searching for answers I smile as my heart opens up even more knowing there are so many more out there now who are on the same Quest as ourselves and putting things together..
    Your Foundation Posts are most enlightening Julie, you should give yourself a pat upon your back.. I am enjoying immensely ..
    Love and Light..
    Sue xx

    • Sue~That ‘discovery’ brings me great comfort, as well. Thank you for your kind comments, as usual. The Foundation posts are, literally, the foundation upon which my last two decades has been built, and it is these principles that have been the light the illuminated my Path. The 12-strand thing came almost at the beginning for me, and when the realization hit, I felt the Truth of it. I see that you resonate as well with this understanding. There are a couple more coming, then the series is complete. I also agree with you that we are in the midst of Transcendence, and likewise I ‘know’ this to the core of my being, but I don’t understand ‘how’. Just along for the ride, I suppose, swimming as fast as I can…:-). Blessings to you, Sue. Thank you for all you do. Julie Marie

      • Many thanks Julie Marie, for saying these kinds words also.
        We all of us are getting the ‘Message’ out there in one way or the other.. Each have come to this point in time , choosing to be here at this time.
        We either Wake up or not.. each is where they are meant to be. Like you, I havent a clue as to how this Transcendence will take form..
        Some are saying this and some are saying that.. I think if we have come through that Universal vibration to experience the Now. then I am not too worried about the HOW.. So long as I live from my heart and in the vibration of Love.. The Where and When will take care of its self.. 🙂
        Love to you and thank you for being Out there.. ~Sue x

      • Amen, Soul-Sister! And the corollary to THAT is: If you are wondering HOW, you are not IN the NOW. We just need to focus on what comes next. I am grateful for you being there, as well…Namaste~JulieMarie

  3. One thing I learned way back is that on one level, a very important one (the Bible has multiple levels), the Biblical account of Jesus is not about an individual who lived 2,000 years ago, it is about the potential of each of us reading the book, so what you say about the 3-D model makes sense. The 12 strands information is new to me, although I get the bit about the body’s meridians, and the Hermetic maxim, “As above, so below”, has always made sense to me when used as a way of understanding the universe. Any idea why the Bible also talks a lot about groups of seven, particularly in Revelation, which many (eg. Yogananda) have said is a metaphor for the awakening of the usual 7 chakras?

    • Well, Paul, I have no answer for the question you posed. I am only sharing what I was told, what I was taught, when I was activated two decades ago. I truly haven’t spent much energy trying to thoroughly understand the nuances, I’ve just been applying the principles to my daily living, and have seen my awareness grow as a result of this simple process. I will put your question in the Spiritual hopper, and see what happens. If I gain an understanding, know that I will share it. Good question to ponder. Thanks.

      • I agree that living according to our insights is much more important than spending too much time trying to understand them intellectually; that is where the growth is, as you say. I also think being able to say “I don’t know” is the mark of a genuine person (not that I thought you weren’t!), so that’s nice to see 🙂

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