Morning Coffee- 08/06/12

It’s Not How Many, It’s How Much

The trip to Mount Shasta is coming up quickly (the weekend of the Equinox in September), so I’m going to use this morning’s cup of coffee to talk about something that has been communicated to me about this gathering.  It applies to what is happening on the planet at this time as well, so it is relevant.

We need not concern ourselves with how many people awaken.  We need only concern ourselves with how awake, and hopefully aware, the ones who are not sleeping are. What is most important then, is that we focus on the development of our individual consciousness.  Every increment of awareness that we are able to sustain, to hold the vibration of, is of vital importance to the outcome here.  For in truth, I have the sense that it will be a dedicated few who will stand and hold the field of consciousness  stable on behalf of the many.

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The beings in charge of this gathering at Mount Shasta were very clear: it is not important how many people show up.  It is only important who shows up.

As the days tick by, and September draws near, a small group of people are preparing themselves to meet at this sacred place.  We are still not clear why we have been asked to gather there.  We are only certain that we must.

It is connected to the month the whole world is focused upon: December 2012.  So in the same way that our small group is doing what we can to prepare ourselves for September, perhaps those of you that are focused on December can do the same.  I encourage you to redouble your efforts to clear energy fields and to raise your vibration by what ever means you are drawn to utilize. As I said earlier, I believe that it will be a dedicated few who will stand and hold the field on behalf of the many.

And as was made clear to me by the higher light beings, it is not important how many.  What is most important to this process is the amount of light energy of available to be worked with as we approach this cosmic thresh hold.

Now please pass the jam. (Scones today!)

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2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee- 08/06/12

  1. Hello Julie Marie. I stopped by just now, looked around, and felt at home. I’ll not be at Mount Shasta with you, but as energy does travel, then know that I’ll be with you here on Saddleback, mountain to mountain, spirit to spirit. Being. Reaching. Watching. Believing.

    Thanks for your recent words of support. Your strength helps me stand stronger. will.

    • I thank you for taking the time. I can sense you ‘get’ the Mount Shasta project, so I am grateful for your support. That will create a link, a thread of energy that spans this continent. We will actually be on the mountain on the morning of Sunday, September 22. Send a greeting from your beautiful Saddleback, and we will send you Mount Shasta. It is together that we will rise, all of us. Your writing paints wonderful pictures, and brings Light in a very beautiful way. The message of living simply, yet completely, resonates deeply. Re-connection to the land would heal much of what ails this planet. Continue your ministry. Through your words, I can fill in the holes in my own dream, (a small farm) and thus bring it into being more completely even if (for now) it is only in my mind. Bless you and your family. JM

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