Morning Coffee – 08/08/12

On the Trap of Spiritual Bypass

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Coffee cup in hand, I say good morning to all you coffee drinkers out there.

This little gem of an insight was found in one of my journals from the late nineties.  It has been years, literally, since I’ve read through the writings I’ve done while on this journey.  This little trip through the archives has made me realize how much I’ve learned from the journey that I’ve already forgotten I knew.

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So what do I mean by ” spiritual bypass”?  I had this insight after having to take a good look at myself.  When this whole awakening process started to happen for me, so many things changed in my life that I forgot some things had not.  It was a good five or six years into this journey before I had this awareness about spiritual bypass.

It took a few years for me to realize I had been so focused on the awakening process itself (energy surges, changes in perception, awareness of other energies around me, the cycles of the heat in my body, the new ideas that seemed to be just dropping into my brain) that I was not tending to the trash I’d collected.

I’m referring to all the baggage we seem to carry around, packed full from our human experience.  It’s all of those things we don’t want to look at, or deal with, especially now that we’re a “spiritual being”.

Some of us eventually figure out that a necessary  part of this journey is introspection.  We must deal with our baggage.  Some of us do not figure this out.  This is what I call “spiritual bypass”.

The image of the character Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown comic strip comes to mind here.  He walked around in a cloud of dirt and dust.  Oblivious.  Yet everyone around him could see, and smell, him coming from a mile away.

Just because you’ve discovered spirituality, metaphysics, angels and guides, the power of now, chanting, prayer, meditation, yoga, past life regression, the list is endless; does not mean you get a free pass. The dysfunction, the pain, all of it, will wait, patiently, until it is recognized.

We cannot be free, truly free, to express who we authentically are as long as we carry that distortion in our energy field.  So, we must roll up our sleeves and get down to the business at hand. Acknowledge it.  Whatever ” it” is.  Use whatever tools are available to you to work that “it” out of your system. It really is all about dropping density.  These things weigh you down, whether you’re aware of it or not.

The paradox here is: you will not realize how much you are weighed down until after you no longer are! And know this: if you set your intention to be free of your “stuff”, you will begin to find yourself in unique situations that will provide you with a perfect opportunity to address it.  (Speaking from experience here).

I’m still a work in progress.

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8 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 08/08/12

  1. This is such an important subject, Julie Marie. I’ve written about it myself, and it’s great that you have too, because it’s something everyone on the spiritual journey needs to know about, but many seem oblivious to. And of course, a lot of non-judgmental self-honesty is required to deal with it. I think we are all works in progress, and probably always will be. You are right about situations for learning presenting themselves, particularly (I have found) if we prematurely congratulate ourselves on having dealt with a particular piece of our baggage! Wish I could put together such good posts over a cup of coffee 🙂
    ~ Paul

    • As I said in the post, I dug this little gem out of my journals from the nineties. I am glad I did learn this (relatively) early on. This is one of the toughest parts of the path, but also one of the most essential if one is serious about lightening up, about shifting their vibration. Oh, and the cup? It’s big. Gives me more time:-) But I actually do have a cup while I’m writing a cup. ~Julie Marie

  2. does this journey really end ? that is the question…today i’m in a strange period, i don’t have negative thoughts but negativ feelings are just there….i feel tired, even i had a 10 hours night and my inner vision is less efficient ….something tells me to focus on my goals…but the energy inside is down…and i need energy to reach my goals 🙂 tomorrow will be an other day i guess….have a nice day julie !

    • Sandra~You are right when you say tomorrow will be another day. Sometimes I have a down day, myself. Then I pay attention and monitor if the feeling lasts for more than a couple of days. Usually won’t. Sometimes it can be helpful to ask if these are even your feelings. Often they are not. Grounding yourself and allowing the energy to flow into the Earth can sometimes be helpful as well. thank you for stopping by, S. I have been remiss these past few weeks, and it will likely be this way until after the Mount Shasta project is completed in September. I will send comforting angels to be with you. You will feel their presence when you read this reply. JM

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