The Foundation – Part VIII(Remember, Camouflage)

Remember, Camouflage

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It took me quite a while to understand this principle.  Camouflage?  What the heck does that have to do with my spiritual development?

But because I’d been working with some of the other principles for months, I knew this wasn’t just a throwaway.  I knew there was an insight to be had here.  So I began to work with it.

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Over the years, my understanding of this principle has evolved, just like with the others.

The first level of understanding is the most obvious.  Things are not always what they appear to be, so it’s always important to engage ones discernment.

I later came to understand that this principle was all about me.  It had nothing to do with anything outside of myself.  But in order for me to have this understanding, I first had to really be living my life focused on the interior, and not the exterior of my world.

Simply put, the camouflage is all that makes up the human aspect of my being.  It is the personification of self, of soul, that is the camouflage.  It is so easy for us to become enamored with the physical aspect of our being.

A flounder blends in with its surroundings.

A flounder blends in with its surroundings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This preoccupation can often lead to distraction that lasts for incarnations. We forget who we are.  We forget why we have come.  We forget it’s all camouflage. That’s why I was told to remember “camouflage”.

Sometimes it’s helpful to remind yourself the body you inhabit is not who you are, truly.  It’s helpful to tell yourself that you are more than what you see with your two eyes when you look in the mirror.  You needed to put on this camouflage in  order to accomplish your goal,  and that is to learn and grow in understanding at soul level.

What tends to happen once we incarnate however, we forget.  We forget who we are and why we have come.  We get caught up in the living of life and all that entails.  If we’re really lucky, somewhere along our path, we wake up. If we’re really lucky, we start to remember.

And yet, by virtue of the fact that we inhabit human form, sometimes we still forget that the form has a purpose but the form is not the purpose.

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The other message of this post, what I believe to be the true insight from this principle, is demonstrated in the photographs.  Why camouflage?

The answer to that question is simple.  What would be gained if we entered into this plane of existence with full remembrance and in all our glorious magnificence?  Nothing. The camouflage we wear is so that we can blend in.  We blend in with our surroundings.  We blend in with each other.

So as you encounter fellow travelers on your path, I would encourage you to remember camouflage.  We are all wearing it for one reason or another. The Bible does say: those who have eyes will see.  So ask to have the eyes, the vision, to see clearly what it is that is standing before you.

Use your discernment to determine whether that is for your highest good or not.  And by the same token, do not dismiss something or someone, that looks to be of little or no importance.  What I’ve come to understand is this: a true master does not say he is a master. Remember. Camouflage.

We have traveled this way before, and there is much to be learned. ~ Carl Sagan

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4 thoughts on “The Foundation – Part VIII(Remember, Camouflage)

  1. Loved this Julie Marie, some deep truth here very nicely expressed. I remember the surprise when I realized that not only am I not my body, but my mind is not who I am either. There’s a nice Gnostic allegory about forgetting who we are, it’s called ‘The Hymn of the Pearl’, or sometimes ‘The Robe of Glory’. And as I read it right now, for the first time in a while, I see that the narrator is awakened by a divine message in the form of an eagle, which I had totally forgotten.

    • Oh, goose bump time! When I have some free time, maybe this fall, will have to look into these Gnostic writings. They have come into my – awareness – from time to time over the years, and although the idea has resonated with me, I haven’t taken the time to pursue the reading. Would make for good reading in the quiet months. (If I ever have any of those again.)I absolutely am filled with joy and delight when someone has a realization like this one. Eagle. Hmmmmmm. Who knew? YOU, of course!

      • Gradually we become aware of all the connections. 🙂 Some Gnostic texts are easier than others. ‘Hymn of the Pearl’ is a favorite of mine, so is ‘The Gospel of Thomas’, which is well known now, and may be the most accurate record of Jesus’ sayings. Here’s a good link for those quiet months (sounds like your year is pretty well booked up!):

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