The Foundation – Part IX(Expectation and Limitation)

Expectation is Just Another Form of Limitation


Expectation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The nuances of this particular principle are still being revealed to me two decades after I was first taught it. As always, the first place I was taken was to the dictionary.  A lot of my understanding came from the definitions that were given for the two main words in the principle: “expectation” and “limitation”.

Definitions first:

expectation :  Something expected, anticipated; something to look forward to, whether feared or hoped for.  Anticipation.  The feeling that something is about to happen.

limitation : A restriction.  The act of limiting or the state of being limited.  Something that limits the quality or achievement.  The greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed.  The act of controlling or directing…

Deutsch: Phrenologie

Deutsch: Phrenologie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is my greatest quandary:  when people speak about manifestation, most often they talk about how detailed a person has to be when they are in the process of bringing to themselves their heart’s desire, no matter what that is. At the level of human consciousness, is it possible to even conceive as grandly or as abundantly as our greater selves can?

Someone recently told the story of how a woman had made a detailed list of all the qualities she wanted in her ideal mate.  Not long after she began working with the energy of this “request” to the Universe, her ideal man crossed her path. He had everything on her list.  Sad ending to this story, however.  He was married.  The person relaying the story said that the reason why it turned out this way was because the woman had failed to put in the small detail that her ideal man be available.

What if the reason for this result was that the woman was not ready for this level of relationship yet and that is the reason why it turned out that way?  What if this was Spirit’s way of letting her know this?

And why would we be denied something because we didn’t get it  ‘just right’?  That is not the way of Spirit.  God would have us experience the desires of our heart.   Fully and completely.  Anything less is not God at work.

fields of plenty

fields of plenty (Photo credit: garden beth)

A dear friend of mine, a fellow spiritual traveler, calls the field of unmanifest potential by an absolutely glorious name.  He calls it the Field of Plenty. How can it be possible for anything less than absolutely everything we deserve in the right and proper time to not come into our experience? If the field is the field of plenty, then that means there’s more than enough for everybody.

Unless, perhaps, person accessing the field believes, for what ever reason, they are not worthy of, or perhaps do not deserve, everything the field would deliver. What we expect, we get. I also believe that if we have set an intention to live our lives according to our highest purpose no matter what, if something we would experience in our lives is not in accordance with this intention, it will not manifest.

I am of the view that my higher wisdom has a greater understanding of what is best for me than anything I could conceive of at my personality level. If something has not come to me from the field, it is not because the field is incapable of delivering it.  It is because somewhere within my consciousness, I have not yet brought my vibration into synchronous harmony with what ever it is I would receive from the field. As above, so below, remember?

I will admit this is a sticky one for me.  Those who know me best also know what I would like to experience the most.  (Aside from the opportunity to Serve in a greater way, that is.)

I vacillate a lot with this heart’s desire of mine.  Sometimes I am in total surrender to what ever it is God would have me experience, and I am at peace with my current situation.  And then there are times when I am not.  I guess that’s why it’s called the human experience! One thing I know, it is not being withheld from me because it is impossible for the field to deliver  what it is I am asking for.

More than once, I have been told that my little mind cannot even begin to comprehend the workings of the greater mind.  From this I can conclude that no matter how carefully, or how grandly, I can dream, it would still pale in comparison to what my higher mind can create if I would just allow it to.

My life is my lesson. ~ me

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8 thoughts on “The Foundation – Part IX(Expectation and Limitation)

  1. take your time julie marie everything is perfect and you are already an inspiring woman…so i send you lot of confidence , and something like warm and orange energy to help you….let’s have a big laugh together , looking at the clouds in the sky, drinking a cup of coffee, tchatting about everything and let’s grow our energy oversees…..angels are smiling just behind our shoulders dont’you see ????

  2. I find the current popularity of techniques for manifesting things quite interesting. Is it not just materialism spiritualized? And does it not indicate a sense of lack? Or am I missing something? It just never appeared to be part of the spiritual traditions I have looked at.

    • You just made me go “hmmmmm…” because I’d never looked at it from that angle before. I will need to ponder that a bit before I respond. And I haven’t done the extensive research into other traditions that you have, either, so I will take your honorable word for your other observation. thanks for making me think (again).

  3. I’ve learned to leave out the details when I want to manifest something because there will be ways in which the universe can bring it to me (as you indicate when the timings right) that I wouldn’t have imagined – – that if I attempt to manifest specifics, including how I will receive what I want, I’d be placing a limitation on the way in which it is to be delivered, by stating just how I want it delivered. (I don’t mean to imply here that the universe is limited in what it is capable of.)

  4. Dear Julie,
    you are my daily inspiration. I have been following your blog for a while now, but this one truly resonates today. Thank you for your wisdom and sharing.
    Go gently

    • I think my heart just grew another size larger. It had to so it could hold your sincere, heart-sent words. I breathe in your appreciation. You are most welcome. I am blessed that you, and so many others like you, take the time to visit here. Thank you for letting my know you are out there. In Light, JulieMarie

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