On Faith and Following

This Builds Trust

Framework location - Weardale

Framework location – Weardale (Photo credit: Framework Movie Pics)

One of the things I learned early on is that I had to have faith in the guidance I was receiving.  It was either accurate, or it was not.  And the only way to figure out which was which was to follow that guidance. And so I did.

It was easy when it was a little thing like when I would get the hit to get my car and go to the store.  One time, when I got to the store, I saw someone I hadn’t seen in a while.  As we started to talk, I had the knowing that Spirit had a message for this person.So I took the time to interact with the person until I could sense she had received her message.

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Sometimes, we are the Light. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was by following the urge to go to the store, and finding the person who was to receive the message, that I learned to discern the difference between my imagination and a message from Spirit. This wasn’t the only time something like this happened.  This is just an example of what I’m talking about when I said it was easy when it was a little thing.

It was a little more difficult when the guidance was about selling my business, selling my house – the only home, really, my daughter and I had ever known. My faith was most strongly tested the first time the guidance was to move out of the state we’d lived in for over a decade, away from everything familiar – except my growing connection to the Guidance that was leading me down this path.

We all are given opportunities every day to follow those hits, those hunches, or not.  We really do have absolute control over our choices.  I have chosen to (mostly) follow the nudgings I get from Spirit.  I have never been sorry I did.

And when I was, it turned out it was the influence of my personality or ego level and not Spirit that had precipitated the action.  How did I know this?  By the result.  When I end up in a place I’m not supposed to be, it is glaringly apparent.  That is how I know it was my ‘little me’ that got me there.

Take a moment to think about the last time you followed your guidance and things just flowed effortlessly, with ease and with grace.  It was almost as if you didn’t have to expend any energy at all to get yourself there, wasn’t it?

Now call to mind a time when everything you tried to do didn’t work.  Remember how it felt like you were just beating yourself up banging up against obstacles no matter which way you tried to go? Do you remember which part of your being was in charge then?

It is only by the following, and the assessment of the results of following, our guidance that we can come to a place of trust with it.  It requires us to have faith (to believe in that which is unseen) in Spirit, but also to have faith in our ability to hear, understand, and act upon the guidance we receive from Spirit.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. ~ Thoreau

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