On The Importance of Asking for Validation

Validation is a Valuable Tool

It’s very difficult when first learning to navigate your life in this way to know whether you’re even on track with it or not.  One of the things that helped me the most was understanding that I could ask for, and would receive, validation in some form or another about the principle or the idea I was working with.  All I had to do was ask.

In the beginning, the validation most often came in the form of books.  I would work a principle, I would get my insight, and I would feel the urge go to the local bookstore. I did not realize it at the time, but I was following the energy that was leading me to the validation I was seeking.

Often, I would be drawn to a book.  I didn’t have to buy it, or read it.  I usually just had to open it up.  Most of the time, what I opened up to was somehow related to what ever it was I was working on at the time.  Sometimes, the book would literally jump off the shelf, which made my job really easy.

Validation does not always have to come just through books.  Sometimes it’ll come through the words of another person, or you’ll hear the same thing repeated over and over in slightly different ways, in different situations.

It can be very helpful to have a friend who is also on the spiritual path to greater awareness, and who is able to read the energies while you speak to them about something.  I have a friend I speak to almost daily that helps me out when I am stuck.

And if she is not available, then I call my daughter and tell her to put on her peepers for a minute.  She knows that means Mom is stuck again, and needs a little confirmation on something.  We do exchange back and forth.  When either my friend or my daughter needs something ‘grokked’, I return the favor, because I never know when I’m going to need their help again.  I do know it won’t be long, though.

These days, it seems the insights are coming in more quickly than ever before.  This is likely because of the quickening of the energy on the planet and in this part of the Universe in general.  Find yourself a good sounding board, someone whose ability to perceive you trust and admire.  And if you don’t have one of those, then spend extra time asking Spirit to bring the validation to you, and don’t give up until you feel you have gotten it right.

Spirit will use whatever means available to help us make the connection.  After you ask for your validation, you must be ready to pay attention.  For the validation will come.

Maybe it’s the lyrics of a song that’s playing on the radio when you get in your car the next morning to go to work.  Maybe it will be  a road sign or a  billboard along your route.  Perhaps someone will come up to you and say “I just have to give you this,” and they hand you something that is validating.

I always ask for validation in three different ways in three days’ time, especially if I’m working on something I really need help with, or clarity about. And the validation always comes.

Yes, validation is a valuable tool.  Especially when you’re first starting out.  So don’t forget to ask.  And be open to receive.

My life is my message. ~ Ghandhi

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5 thoughts on “On The Importance of Asking for Validation

  1. It’s funny how the same message can arrive in different ways, just when needed. And I usually see that I knew the answer already, but was not seeing it for some reason.

    • And that, my eagle-eyed friend, is the beauty of walking in Spirit with …Awareness! That which was NOT in your consciousness before, now IS, so now you SEE IT… 🙂

  2. Dear Julie,
    sometimes your blog posts are validation for me, or they may touch on a subject that is on my mind. Whatever it may be, your writing is resonating with me and has become a lovely habitual experience to look forward to everyday. Thank you

    Claire xxx

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