Morning Coffee – 08/19/12

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Publicity photo of Leonard Nimoy and William S...

Publicity photo: Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk, Star Trek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

James T. Kirk.  Mr. Spock.  (I find it interesting that a bi-racial being with such intellect was given the name of a baby doctor, was that accidental or on purpose?)  The coffee hasn’t started to kick in just yet, give me a few more minutes.

My Star Trek piece received such a response, I felt like having another conversation about my secret obsession (not-so-secret anymore!) over this morning’s cup.  Today I am trying to imagine what it must be like to embody an archetype for the world to emulate.

What was that conversation like as the soul’s life was being planned out?  And we’re not talking just one archetype, it was a whole group of them.  What a complex planning process that must have been. That group of people modeled something critical to humanity’s next step:  how individuals of very dissimilar backgrounds (to say the least) were able to come together in community and work together to achieve a common goal.  The goal was to seek, to explore, to boldly go…

It’s my belief that we must first establish a template for something in this dimension before its light world equivalent can anchor in here.  Although humans lived in community thousands of years ago, and in some places on the planet still do, for the most part we are extremely fragmented even at the family level.The type of community model that will be required for this next evolution is different from the model that currently exists on this planet.

We require a model that allows for input from all members of the community.  Everyone has something of value to contribute to the whole.  Yes, Captain Kirk always made the final decision and yes, sometimes he followed his own instincts, but at least he asked for input from his trusted advisers before he made that decision.

The crew of the USS Enterprise seeded the mass consciousness with this template over 40 years ago.  Those seeds are finally beginning to sprout.  As humanity continues to awaken, it is becoming increasingly obvious that changes in the way we do things will be necessary.

But we have a road map to follow.  We have a working model we can emulate.  We can look to the crew of the USS Enterprise, and we can boldly go…

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  1. Went to the Pacific National Exhibition (an annual fair held in Vancouver) yesterday. One of the attractions was a Star Trek exhibit; lots of original props, costumes, and models from the shows and movies. A Trekkie’s delight!

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