Time: Simply a Construct of Consciousness?

In a Place of Timelessness

Keeping time.

Certainly the part of us that Knows resides in a place of timelessness.  How could it be otherwise? What I was shown very early on is that in order for that which created all of this to have an understanding about how the mechanics of creation actually worked, this phenomenon we call time had to come into being. For how else could it be possible to deconstruct creation?

I cannot even begin to comprehend how many levels from Source the energy had to be stepped down in order for it to be slowed enough for time to come into being. In order for Creator to know the process by which creation works, there had to be a way in which to separate the “ingredients”.

Measuring time,            precisely.

It may be simple enough to comprehend from this point of view, but how complex a thing it must be to understand when it’s happening instantaneously.  How can I grow in wisdom and understanding of something if it comes into being at the speed of thought?

And so the necessity for time was born, for Creator yearned to understand.

With the slowing down of timelessness came time.  Linear time.  And the more density humanity consciousness took on, the more obsessed we became with the keeping and the measuring of time.

For thousands of years, man measured time according to the movement of the sun in the sky during the day and the stars in the sky at night. The passing of the days, the turning of the seasons, it was a great dance, and humanity was a part of it.

Somewhere along the way, man began to measure time in ever smaller increments and we lost our connection to the greater whole. But the wheel of the cosmos still turns. Are we now approaching the end of time itself?  Only time will tell.

The Creation

The Creation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Creator understands the mechanics of creation by now, surely.  It has been broken down into its component parts.

A thought in the mind of God.

Coupled with a feeling in the heart of God.

Spoken with the voice of God.

That is Creation.

Now we may go Home. It is time.

We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself. ~ Carl Sagan

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