Morning Coffee – 08/20/12

It’s About Coffee Today

A very nice Italian coffee on the island of Mu...

A very nice Italian coffee on the island of Murano. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When did it become an art form to make pictures in the foam on a cup of cappuccino?  Where have I been that I missed this?

We’ve come a long way from good old coffee, black.  Coffee so strong you could stand a spoon up in it. This is good, clean cowboy coffee. The smell of it conjures up that scene in the western movies: sunrise on the plains.  Its first thing in the morning, it’s usually cold, and you can see the breath of the characters and the steam rising off the coffee as they get ready to take a sip of it.  Harmonica music playing in the background, and you just know that this day’s cattle drive is going to be a success!

English: Cappuccino.

English: Cappuccino. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coffee goes with a lot of things, too.  Coffee with biscotti.  Or coffee with breakfast.  Read a book, sip a cup of good coffee.  Enjoying a cup of coffee with friends is always a special cup of coffee. And what is a work day without a cup of coffee to get you started?

Coffee. The rituals. Coffee, the comfort.  Coffee. The way it has woven itself into the very fabric of our living.  What would we do without it?  Some writers will swear the flow of creativity must be primed with a strong cup of caffeine-laden beverage first.

And what do we do most often when that first cup is empty?  Why, pour ourselves another, of course!

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