Morning Coffee – 08/22/12

A Moment of Reflection

Cafe Mocha

Cafe Mocha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning’s cup is a sweet one.  I have been reading through a lot of my spiritual journey journals lately, and have been reminded of some of the amazing experiences I’ve had which I would not have had if I had chosen to travel on the freeway of life with (almost) everyone else.

I have been given gifts beyond price.  Sunrises on the mesas of New Mexico.  Nightfall in the mountains of Colorado.  The endless night sky of Wyoming.  The beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Lake Pactola, Black Hills, South Dakota, USA

Lake Pactola, Black Hills, South Dakota, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have had many animal companions along the way as well.  The eagles.  The hawks.  Elk. Deer. Lots of deer. Thank you to the raccoon who gave its life late one night on a lonely road to wake me up so I didn’t drive off the road with my daughter sleeping in the car because I had fallen asleep at the wheel.  And the buffalo.  The beautiful buffalo.  The sight of them makes my heart sing.  That is majesty.  That is true power.  That is walking in balance on the Mother.  May I learn to walk as well as you do, buffalo people.

The most important gifts of all have been the people I have met on this journey.  People like me.  Seeking, following. It is good to have companions along the way.  Companions with bodies, I mean.  I have, and do appreciate, the support of my guides and teachers, but sometimes a sincere hug from a friend can work wonders.  Some of these people I knew for a day, and that was good.  Some of them I have known for years and that is good, too.  Thank you, Spirit for giving me everything I needed when I needed it. And thank you for giving me things I didn’t realize I needed until they came to me.

This is my Road Less Traveled.  And the traveling is far from over, but that is all for today.  Coffee cup is empty.

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