Observations on Awareness Unfolding

Transparency Is Coming.  Soon.

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Sometimes the inspiration for the post comes a couple of hours before I’m sitting down to write it.  And that’s what happened today, so this one may be a little rough around the edges, as now I am up against my 7:01 PM deadline to post my Tuesday evening article.

I began to notice something lately, and that is that I seem to be experiencing an even more refined ability to feel, in the words of that famous line from Star Wars, when ‘there is a disturbance in the Force.’

I have long become accustomed to remaining focused on the actual words and actions of the people I’m relating with so that I may respond appropriately to them as opposed to reacting to the actual energy coming off of them sometimes when what I see and what I feel coming at me do not match.

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This skill was brought to the forefront when, as a single mother of a child with a major medical problem I was required to be on alert 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Yes, even when I was asleep I had to be paying attention, because I never knew when it would be time to get up and rush my child to the emergency room.  And frankly, that happened quite often.

She has grown now, and seems to have outgrown the worst of the problem.And I have been left with really sensitive radar, a heightened ability that is like empathy, but not really.  I’d say it was more an ability to sense what’s really going on behind the facade we all put up for other people to interact with.

And for the most part, I have learned that I need to just keep this other level of awareness to myself.  But sometimes, I just can’t.

I had an exchange of ideas about energy between myself and a fellow writer one time.  I could feel a bit of irritation coming off the very words that were being written to me, and I found that quite unusual. I didn’t know quite how to tell this person that I could actually feel their emotions (which weren’t lined up with their words) without them thinking that maybe I was a little wacko, so I just let it drop.

My daughter can still get annoyed when I call her out of the blue to ask how she’s doing.  When I make that particular call, she knows as well as I do that I’ve been picking up on something that is not right in her world.

I am beginning to suspect that I am not the only one that is experiencing this increased ability to see through the mirror, through the looking-glass, to the truth. It has been said that there would come a time when we would no longer be able to hide from each other.

To all of you who come here, a sincere question:  have any of you experienced what I am describing here?  Where you KNOW you know what the other person is feeling about something, and that is it NOT what they are saying?  What do you do when you find yourself in that situation?

There are certain rules of social etiquette that, although they have been mostly pushed to the side and ignored, are generally still observed. If we intend collectively to move to a place of awareness, then being in integrity with what we perceive is going to be imperative. How can we continue to pretend with each other?  Does that not cause more harm to, than do good for, our relationships with each other?

It is my sense that the time for transparency is coming.  Sooner than perhaps we are ready for, but it is coming nonetheless.   Surely in the higher dimensions the masks we wear here are nonexistent. Surely there is nothing that can be hidden from the Light of understanding there.  And ‘there’ is where we are all headed.  ‘There’ will be here soon.

See the good in people and help them. ~ Ghandhi

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10 thoughts on “Observations on Awareness Unfolding

  1. Hi Julie Marie. I definitely know what you’re describing here. My response depends on the person and the situation. With someone close, or a good friend, I may probe deeper if the situation seems right. Sometimes, say if there is tense energy, I think it’s best to forget it, or leave it for later if it’s something that should be addressed. If it’s someone I barely know, and it’s not important, I will probably leave it as I am not sure it’s my privilege to use my insight to make them uncomfortable if they haven’t invited it (what do you think about that?).
    Thanks for an interesting question.
    ~ Paul

    • You are just confirming what I have suspected. It’s a dance, and it will depend on the situation. I do agree that sometimes it is not worth the bother. Especially if the receiver is not in a place where they are even open to hearing it. I had that a few months ago myself. Sometimes withdrawal from the field is the wisest choice. Thank you, Paul for a thoughtful answer. I really do want some clarity with this, but am beginning to sense there really isn’t any to be had.JM

  2. I just realized I never addressed your question..sorry, too many stops and starts:)) When I am faced with the situation of conversation and feelings not matching, I usually try to steer the conversation by opening the door to the “true underlying current” (as I see it:) by putting a few key words in, thus leaving the door open for them to “pick up that ball” or not. Usually I find that people are more than happy to actually let out their true emotions, even if they aren’t aware of how and why they’re doing it. By key words I mean words that I am feeling they actually mean but aren’t using. An example might be…me asking someone how they’re feeling and them replying, “fine, the weather is kinda hard to deal with though”….now maybe I’m feeling a heaviness in them concerning family so, I would come back with something including a key word where I think the “real” situation is like, ” yeah, I know what you mean, my DAUGHTER is having a hard time with this too”….then they have the freedom to start talking about their daughter, or whoever…..I’ve steered the conversation intentionally to give them that door to talk about that if they are willing and able without them even necessarily knowing it. I hope this makes sense:)))

  3. First of all, I really love and look forward to your posts each day…thank you<3 I think I have always felt others but more so now…your words helped me to place some of my current confusion…wow, love insight, thank you! I have been feeling a strong pull to work from home, not sure how to do this exactly but, none-the-less that has been strong! I think your post has helped me identify why…It is draining to me to be in constant contact with others. Mostly their words and the feelings I get don't match. I am exhausted after a day of this. I feel better and able to control my energy more with less exposure. Social gatherings and such have always been so hard because of this but now I realize that my day to day encounters have become this! Thank you for helping me to identify this…thank you for sharing yourself and your thoughts…bless you and each of us on this wonderful journey<3

    • Joni: Thanks for this validation. I will also say that I believe that the heightened sensitivity that causes us to become unbalanced and even drained will pass when we are able to stabilize our energy fields at a more refined vibration. Then we would still have the input, but not the impact. You are most welcome for the help, by the way.

  4. Hi Julie Marie,
    I have the same ability. I feel it when people are saying things without feelings or not.
    I can feel if it is the truth that is spoken. If it is, than we have a direct connection each others heart. And isn’t it that how God wants us to live? When we are in our hearts, there is no room for anger, hate and lies.
    Yes, our relationships can be very difficult right now.
    I ask Archangel Michael for help because I don’t really want to get involved much anymore.
    Love your messages
    Big hug

    • Janny~ Thank you for sharing this, because it makes more sense to me now why this would be intensifying. Because we are moving more into the realm, the dimension, the frequency, of the 4th chakra, the heart so that we may use that energy to move to the 5th. Of course all things heart-related would be intensified. This gift, and any blockages we would be carrying that would prevent the opening of that center. I am glad the messages resonate for you. Thank you for visiting, and for your comments. It helped me understand better. Blessings, JM

    • This is really one of the toughest things to do, this dance. It’s one of the reasons I do my best to ‘match’, and that comes with its own set of challenges. I’m not always ‘socially correct’, but at least there’s no doubt about what I’m feeling. The toughest thing for me is when I’m matching and STILL am misread. (Heavy sigh) I just have to remember we’re in transition here, and so it’s going to be messy before we get through it. But yes, S, I DO know exactly how you feel, and I really wish there were a set of ‘rules’ – like a Miss Manners book – as to just how one was supposed to handle this. That’s why I posed the questions I did. I was curious as to how others were handling this change. It seems to have ratcheted up in sensitivity in the last 6 months or so. More intensely felt.

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