Morning Coffee 08/24/12

We Must Look Back at Where We’ve Been In Order to See How Far We’ve Come

Kava sa šlagom

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Now that’s a heck of a long-winded heading for a morning coffee post, and I’ve barely taken a sip!

That is the thought that is pushing itself to the front of my awareness this morning, so I’m just going to go with it.  I believe there is a caveat to that statement which is that we can see how far we have to go by looking at where we’ve been, as well.

Shetland ponies at Sandwick

Shetland ponies(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All of what I am ruminating about this morning is likely left over from yesterday’s article, or perhaps a continuation of it.  We started as a tribal society, banded together in varying sized units in order to survive the harshest of conditions. Imagine a time when the tigers were of the sabre-toothed variety, and the wolves were the size of Shetland ponies.  Imagine you are maybe 4′ tall if you’re lucky, stocky and  heavily muscled so you’re strong, but you probably don’t move too fast.  But you have stamina on your side, so when it comes to running down an aging mastodon for food for the winter, you can get the job done.

You have a short life span to match your short stature, and if you can find a clean, dry, uninhabited cave you have your living quarters until the local food supply is depleted.  Then you move on in search of your next home.  You know which plants are safe to eat, which are also medicine, and which can kill you.  Most likely, you learned all this through trial and error.

It is survival of the fittest, and if a member of the tribe is unable to contribute, then that member is likely left behind.  It is the reality of your life.  Yet you care deeply for your children, for they are the future.  They are your future.  And time passes.

You are sitting in your comfy cave-equivalent, sipping a warm beverage reading words that magically appear at the click of a small plastic thing named after an animal, which is likely the closest you will come to a four-legged living creature today unless you are a pet owner, or you live a more rural life.  Let’s assume you are a city dweller.

The sun rises any time you choose for it to.  You reach out and flick a switch, and there is light (unless you haven’t paid the electric bill).  This ready access to artificial light and the tendency we have to stay up far past the time the sun has set is disrupting our natural rhythms.  The light from the TV screen and all the electronics many people keep in their bedrooms interferes with the ability to get proper sleep at night, which can lead to serious health problems.

Do you even have grass to mow or a garden to tend?  We have become so disconnected from our planet, most of us wouldn’t know the difference between a helpful plant and a poisonous one if we needed to. Have we really made positive progress?

Perhaps we need to look back and take from our past the good things as we move forward.  We can begin to educate ourselves about where our food is coming from, and whether we will choose to continue to put things into our bodies that it doesn’t recognize and therefore does not know what to do with. Go hunt and gather the healthy stuff.  It’s out there.

Turn off the lights earlier.  Take the TV, the digital clock and any other gadgets out of your sleeping area.  That place is for sleeping.  Your body needs proper rest in order to heal itself.

Get to know your neighbors.  If they are not people you would be in a tribe with, maybe its time to find another tribe.  Look.  Then move.  In community, we are stronger.  Alone, we are food for the predators.  No predators here, you say?  Maybe that’s true now, but will it always be this way?

When I sat down, my mind was blank.  Couple of sips of coffee, and now I’ve done it again.  Too many words. Hope that was a BIG cup you brought to the table today!

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3 thoughts on “Morning Coffee 08/24/12

  1. It is always hard to imagine the past when my memory is faulty in clearly remembering even this past hour’s events in details.
    Yes, we have come very far.
    Yes, the human race has made a lot of progress.

    As I read this blog, my mind rather takes me in future, possibly a near future when people living on earth will communicate telepathically without need of a telephone, twitter, Facebook, email and so forth.
    It will be exciting to live in that time when love will be genuine without any other qualification, but just love in its full meaning.
    It will be wonderful to live in total peace and harmony with each of our neighbors.
    Yes, imagining this possible future makes me feel like celebrating now.

  2. Another enjoyable cup. But all your brews are. Yes we have lost much along the way in this so called world we call progression.
    And agree entirely. Its time to really WAKE up and Smell the Coffee as they say.
    For when there’s no power other than our senses many will soon find that they will need to switch On their senses again. Something we have lost in this modern day life of gadgets.
    Hope you have a brill weekend. I still have your backposts to catch up on.
    Take care. Sue x0x

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