What If It’s the Wrong Decision?

Some Thoughts on Choice

English: The Way to go. Reaching the head of R...

English: The Way to go. Reaching the head of Rhonadale walkers are met with a choice of left or right. A decision either way will end up on open moor very shortly after. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An increasing tone I am hearing in the conversations I’m having with people lately is a sense of concern about whether or not they are making the right choice about things in their lives.  And often this is followed up by asking me what my opinion might be about that thing, whatever it is, they are considering.

Well, I am not the expert on what is the ‘right’ choice for someone else to make.  I have enough of a challenge discerning what are the highest and most proper choices for myself, let alone being so full of myself that I would presume to know what is best for another.

I chose this photo because of the caption:  A decision either way places the person in the same spot eventually.

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wonder how often that is the result that would come no matter the choice we make.  We tend to agonize over things so much that sometimes we become  paralyzed with indecision and cannot make any choice at all.  And most people do not understand that not choosing is a choice.

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Our intellect can take us down some complicated potential paths if we allow it.  It is at those times we need to quiet ourselves and call on the wisdom we all can access.  It is not our neighbor or friend, or colleague, or teacher.  It is the guidance of our Soul, that part that knows and that can see from a higher perspective what the most advantageous choice in any moment would be.

We have come into incarnation to learn and to grow, and it is through the choices we make  that we decide how we will learn these lessons.  The one certain thing is:  we will learn our lessons.  We may learn them one way, or we may learn them another, but learn them we will.

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English: Choices, choices. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no right or wrong here.  There is only choice.  As we move collectively down the path we are traveling now, it is not so clear where the trajectory is leading us.  That is because, I believe, there are some critical choices yet to be made, collectively.  What those are, exactly, and what the ramifications of those choices will be, we will only be able to see when we arrive.

We can gather with others of like mind and question together what it is we would choose for our future.  Or we can prepare in whatever way we feel is best for ourselves.  Alone and on our own.  Another alternative is to do nothing, for remember that to not choose to act is also a choice.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that there is no “right” or “wrong” here.  We can only do what we sense is right for us, what makes us comfortable.

What others do is their decision.  We cannot make choices of any kind for another person.  We are not God.  We do not know or understand the lessons they have written for themselves in this lifetime.  We can only work to be as clear as possible with our own decisions in any given moment, and do our best not to make others’ decisions for them

Collectively, however, if we choose to buy into someone’s vision of the future and it has a less than empowering message, we are agreeing to some extent with their vision for our species.  You will be able to recognize this if, when you read the material, you have a reaction to it.  In that moment, take the time to recognize you had a reaction and decide right then if this is what you would choose for your future.  You can make a simple, straightforward choice not to allow anything of that vibration into your awareness.  This removes some of the energy from the creation of that  potential collective experience.

Choose to follow your inner guidance.  Choose not to be affected or influenced by anything, or anyone outside of yourself.  Choose the highest path of learning for yourself.  I believe that we will all end up on that open moor together one day no matter what choices are made about how we get there.

The path we take will be made by walking it together.

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