Morning Coffee – 08/27/12

Something is in the Air

A Mocha coffee

A Mocha coffee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This cup is being sipped while standing outside on the back deck.  I feel the need, like my ancient ancestors did, to put my nose in the breeze to try to get a better sense of what is blowing in the wind.  Because something most surely is.  I feel an unsettled dis-ease about things today, and no routine will shake it loose.

I have noticed this same restlessness in others of my species of late, so I must pay attention.  This is not just about me, this feeling. There is something in the air.  I just haven’t identified it yet.  But I will, because I am a  determined creature.

The writing on the wall is fading, have I forgotten that it was even writ there?  No, because I am reminded of the words by the feelings I am having today.  I will pay extra close attention in the coming days and months.  I will ask more than once about where it is I need to be, and what it is I need to do next.

I can feel a shift happening here, and I do not yet have a sense of the new direction this freshly blowing wind may be carrying me.  As I drain the last sips from my cup, I mentally  renew my commitment to follow the promptings of Spirit to the best of my ability, no matter what.  I give thanks to the Being who guides my steps every day.  I pray to hear that guidance clearly, so that I may act upon it in a timely manner.

To my fellow travelers I say this before I go:  turn up the volume on the receiver.  You don’t want to miss anything. Not now.  I do apologize for the tone of this morning’s post, but it was what was there to be expressed, and I promised I would be true to whatever would come through in the moment I sat to write these morning cups.  Bitter dregs today, as Spock would say.

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8 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 08/27/12

    • Seems to be intensifying, too. That’s why I finally had to just write this piece. I was hoping it would help level me out. Not working this time. Thanks, M, for stopping by and leaving wordy tracks behind 🙂

  1. A good reminder for us all, Julie Marie – to stay tuned, to not let ourselves get caught up in the hamster wheels we think of as life and forget to listen… thank you. ❤

  2. i awoke with a similar ‘uncomfortable’ feeling…..curious. thanks for putting ‘it’ into words for me.
    i step into this day with you.

    • Getting goose bumps everywhere reading these responses. This isn’t exactly the validation I like to see. I was almost hoping the feedback would be: Oh, Julie Marie, that’s not what I’m feeling…I stand this day with you. Thanks for being there.

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