Morning Coffee – 08/30/12

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Strong black coffee served with whipped cream. Today’s perfect cup. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spin Cycle

This morning’s cup is about nothing in particular. I am holding onto my mug with both hands these days, as change is happening in my life so quickly that it is actually making me dizzy.

I feel like my world is on spin cycle.  I don’t know if any of you other coffee sippers are experiencing this, but I’ll be glad when the spinning stops.  I suppose I could look at the bright side of all this change, at least the excess liquid will be squeezed out of the clothes before they are hung out to dry.

Are any of you,with your plates already full, being asked to do even more with less time available to you to get it done?  Spin cycle.  Are you taking care of loose ends that have been hanging out there for months, perhaps even years?  Spin cycle.  Are relationships shifting and changing with dizzying speed?  Spin cycle.  Do you feel like you haven’t got a clue as to which direction you are heading, or what you will be doing when you get there?  Spin cycle.

Seems the best we can do at this moment in time is to just stay as present with things as we can.  We get to learn about that next level of trust in the idea that there is a Divine Plan to all of this.  Whose idea was this spin cycle thing, that’s what I want to know.

What holds me steady throughout all of this activity is the presence of good, solid, dependable people in my life.  Sometimes even that changes.  Spin cycle. So what can you do when the solid ground beneath your feet begins to shift?  Shift with it.  It’s just the spin cycle.  It will be over soon.

If it is this intense for the microcosm, imagine the ‘spin cycle’ intensity at the macro level.  When we are advised to hang on for the ride, I understand why now.  Spin cycle.  Don’t spill that coffee on your shirt!  Here comes September…

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7 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 08/30/12

  1. Yes, change is coming.
    Yes, change is being felt deep in my core being.
    Yes, confusion in the dawn of changes at horizon is within my body, mind, emotions and soul.
    Yes, while there seem to be shuffling of priorities in my life, my soul is full of joy of what is about to take place in September this year.
    Yes, I do not know how bright and challenging will be tomorrow however I fully know that the One in charge has the very best for me.
    Yes, such assurance make me give a warm welcome to all the feelings of changes hard to define that are boiling within me.
    Yes, my Friend, hold on a little longer, we are in the dawn time that is bringing in the very best we have been wanting and waiting for so many life times.

    • Thank you for the reminders, Ferdinand. It is good to keep the longer view of the situation in my awareness. I think I may have gotten a little dizzy from the spinning! 🙂

      • Dear Julie,
        Do you remember the following words?
        “Though it may seem to you that you are still in the darkness, we have come to whisper to you the good news: You have pierced the final membrane of the Veil that separates your world from the rest of Creation. The higher Light frequencies will begin to stream onto your world in ever-increasing waves of greater intensity. All of this will assist you in making the changes necessary to complete this great endeavor.” (from your message from Angels of August 13, 2012)
        When you are emerging from a cold shadow to a bright and morning sun of near the equator where I grew up, you do not only see light from the sun, but you also feel the hit and its warmth, and the human body has to adjust to it. So, Dear Wanderer, the symptoms you feel are multiple bodies re-adjusting to the warm of the new glorious age Sun beaming to us.

      • No, I don’t remember those words. I often need to read what has come through me after some time has passed in order for it to sink in, mainly because I’m not the one doing the writing, if you know what I mean. Yes, I do agree this is a period of massive adjustments, and not just for me.;-) Thank you for your continued support and kind words.

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