September 2012 Energy Report

It’s Harvest Time

Karotten, Möhren

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The Earth makes ready to rest from Her labor of love, producing the bounty that will feed nations.  September is the month when the crops are brought in, and preserved to help sustain us through the approaching winter months.

This is the time of the Equinox, when the Light and the Darkness are equal.  It is the symbolic representation of our struggle for balance in our lives.  It is the time to reap the fruits of our labor and the lessons we’ve learned.  You will reap the harvest of your crops, and your experiences.

English: Pleiades Star Cluster

Pleiades Star Cluster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a time of joy, and a time of celebration.  Take a moment to look back over that which is passing-and this September marks the passing of an Age-and look forward to the future.  Remember that endings are merely new beginnings, and such is the nature of our Universe.

This September, there is the added energy of the second of a series of seven squares (Pluto/Uranus) that will be part of our experience for the next few years. (I am writing a separate article about the dynamics of this series that will be seen here soon.)  Pluto calls us to align with the energy of our Higher Self. Uranus asks us to expand our awareness to include a conscious recognition of the Universal Mind.

This is the time to release all the old patterns, addictions, relationships, activities and other things that no longer serve you. It is also time to welcome the new.  It is a time to focus on balance in all areas of your life.  Seek the equilibrium of clarity and acceptance.  Take a look back and see what you planted, nurtured and are preparing to harvest from this year.

If you do not like what you have sown, now is the time to set a clear intention for the coming year.  It is at the times of balance that we are able to manifest more easily and completely.  What do you want to continue to carry?  What would you rather leave behind? Where do I go next?

Sometimes just relaxing into the energy of receptivity will help to bring the answers you seek.  Lighten your load.  Give thanks for all the teachings, and to all the teachers, that have come your way in the past year.  And let the rest of it go.

You will also have an opportunity to evaluate, or maybe re-evaluate, your relationships.  The full moon on September 30 will highlight all types of partnerships in  your life.  Balance in all things, that is what we are being called to achieve.   The Universe is supporting our efforts.

When life isn’t the party you hoped for, dance anyway. ~ Unk

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