Morning Coffee – 09/01/12

The Light Shines Through the Open Door

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I had a conversation with somebody recently, and that conversation led to an insight. That insight is the cup of coffee for today.  Hope you enjoy it.

There are rare moments in our lives when we can actually feel the Presence of the Divine enter the space where we are living.  Most people are familiar with the energy that seems to fill the room when a child enters the world.  I will use the words my friend used to describe her first experience with childbirth, because nothing I could come up with would be able to top what she said.

She said:  How could someone who has experienced this feeling not  believe there was a God?  She had the thought, she told me, that in the same way that God breathed life into Adam, He was present, breathing life into her child.

Elohim Creating Adam

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I said I remembered that same feeling as well, and had experienced it being present at the birth of other women’s children as well.  I wasn’t until the first time I sat hospice and could sense the end of life coming for a person that I felt that same, familiar transcendental energy.

That is when I came to understand that the same energy that is Present when we come into this world through the open door is Present when we leave this place through that selfsame door.

What a rare opportunity for us to experience Heaven from Earth.

As I write these words, I am being shown a magnificent image of how the passing of souls from one world to the other and back again creates a seam of sorts, weaving together these two aspects of Creation.  Lovingly, and with love, across aeons of time and down through the dimensions, we have been working to bring together these two realms.  Patiently, tirelessly, we have worked.  And soon our task will be completed.

Can you feel the truth of what it is I am saying to you now?  We are the Weavers, and our work is almost finished.  And God said that it was good.

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5 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 09/01/12

  1. Interesting birth analogy hard to relate to that experience for me as a male. However, after talking to some friends and relatives who were close to death, it is always interesting how the person who will soon pass is very aware of beings invisible to humans and or openly share that he or she is in the lasts hours with us. Many of those I know would celebrate life with friends with a joy they did not exhibit before in their lifetime. Before my 10 year old nephew died in hospital, he offered to pray for my protection and strength to continue my mission. His words were so profound beyond his age, and his confidence in whom he was talking to gave me a sense of joy in that hospital room. In less than 30 minutes, the boy told those administering medication to him to stop and thanked them for their help. Then he smiled at them and breathed his last.

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