Morning Coffee – 09/12/12

A Bitter Cup

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Anybody else being run through the wringer lately?  Please chime in here, because I cannot believe what has been happening in my life lately.  It feels just like when I was first awakened over two decades ago, at least in the area of the people around me.

There is no need to spend precious moments of your time with the telling of the stories, but the pattern is unmistakable:  in more than one instance, there has been extreme intense unwarranted negative reaction far out of proportion to what I might have anticipated.  All I could do in both situations was say what the H—?

I don’t know how much more my psyche or my heart can take, but if this happening to more  people than myself, then it will help me move through it with more grace than I am at the moment. If the housecleaning I have been speaking has moved in focus from the physical to the emotional, it would be  good if we were all aware of that.

I also need to consider the possibility this is Spirit’s way of roto-rootering out the gunk in my etheric pipes in preparation for this gathering in a little over a week.  If it is, I know I am cleaned out! Nothing like a little hammering away at one’s core issues to get your juices flowing, that’s for sure!

But there is always Light where there is darkness, if we would only look for it. I can see the people who were standing in compassion and who reached out to assist even when they may not have had the proper 3D skill set to do so. Thank you to the old(er) friend who comforted me when I cried.  Thank you to the new(er) friend who stepped up to help with the task of completing the project I have given over a month of my life to.

Sometimes you do the best you can with what you are given.  Move over, I think I’m going to make some lemonade for later. These lemons have been sitting around far too long, anyway.  The weatherman said it was going to get hot today.

As with all things in life and the universe, there are cycles, and the other thing that is comforting is that this, too, shall pass.

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  1. Wow!!! That was like reading “This is Your Life”. I soooooo know what that feels like, sigh……..I have learned a very valuable lesson thru this – when it’s over, it’s OVER!!! Trust my intuition and get out before it turns ugly, which it did. ~Blessings~

    • I took the highest road I knew how to take. The most important thing I got out of the exchange WAS that parting shot. I reached a new level of understanding, and for that I am grateful. The path to GET there wasn’t so pretty, but I’m still standing. Besides, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I have survived worse than this. Life goes on. I just hope there is peace there someday. My heart really does go out to the person. I would not be writing as much as I do now if not for their kindness. A whole new world was opened up for me in just a few magic moments, and that can never be tainted. No matter what.

  2. Been going through the wringer since July with people, friends, family’s relationships collapsing like decks of cards after having been stable for 10 years plus each one. Horrendous year and yes just like those awakening moments when everything goes to s**t!! You are not alone. Thanks for posting…wondered if it was just us..but thought maybe not!

    • You are right on with the timeline of this intensification of energy. It started in July! Guess all we can do is remember to breathe, and hang on. This, too, shall pass. Know that you are appreciated for all you do. I will soon be visiting again, but must first complete the work at Mount Shasta this month.

  3. And here I thought that I was the only one. Don’t feel so alone…this is a shared thing. And you’re right…this too shall pass. Love and light to you…

    • Lydia~I hesitated to post this one, but I had to know if I was the only one having this intense experience. Phone conversations and the responses here indicate otherwise. We are not alone. Ever. Intellectually I understand that, but sometimes I forget it. Hope it was helpful to you to know YOU are not alone in this, either. Back at you tenfold with the Love and Light.

  4. Hi Julie,
    I can’t agree with you more. People are rude and entitled! It so hard to go to work and deal with the negativity every day and it seems like its getting worse. I feel your pain.

    • Meri~ The thing I am learning from this is it takes TWO to tango. I know it’s cliche but it is also true. If we do not engage, there is nothing there for the energy to hang on to. I’ll let you know how this works out for me. I think this may be part of the ‘be in the world but not of it’ lesson for me. How can I care about others – which I do – and yet remain detached from the drama part? That is the million dollar question for me that I am attempting to answer.

      • I work on that every day. I try not to engage but some days its really hard. I’m trying to understand that when I want to engage it’s my ego talking to not me. I work on putting my ego in check on a daily basis. One thing I try to ask myself before engaging is, “If I were to die right now and God asked me about how I handled the situation, would he be proud or sad.” This works most of the time. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers!

      • I am better than I used to be. I squelched the immediate venomous response of my scorpion days. I sought to rise to the eagle aspect of my sun sign instead. The perspective shift helped, as did taking a deep breath first. Oh, and the delete button on the keyboard. 😉

  5. Hi Julie Marie, Yes, now you mention it, these days do seem like a rerun of awakening. Like you, I’d be interested to know what’s going on for others.

    • I see you have a new ‘destination’. Will try and check it out today. Please take a look and the reply to the comment from Ferdinand. Try the request. I would be interested to hear your results. Thanks for all your support.

      • Hi Julie Marie,

        I’m already with you on your mountain top, JM, but perhaps reached it by a slightly different path on the way up. This morning I saw a piece by Jeff Foster, a favorite writer/teacher of mine. Here’s an extract:

        “I used to live my life waiting, waiting, waiting for people to understand me, always feeling misunderstood, and now I realise that I just wasn’t understanding them. I wasn’t understanding their present lack of understanding. It was all about ‘me’!

        These days, I never wait for people to understand ‘me’, or worry that they don’t understand ‘me’. Why is it so crucial that I am understood? I simply try to understand why they don’t understand right now, and help them understand, if I can, by being clearer about my own experience. That’s all I can do. And then, if they STILL don’t understand, I try to understand that.”

        However we get there, it seems that we need to let go of our own unnecessary baggage, and then we find we have energy for what we need to do.

  6. Dear Sister Julie,
    Relax. Everything is fine with you.
    In the country where I grew up, there are mountains and hills everywhere. As a teenager, I used to climb tall mountains. The problem was that there is no flat mountain on the top. So, from far, I would see a peak that I wanted to reach. As soon as I reached it, I would discover another taller peak. To reach this new peak, many times, I had to travel down in a kind of valley just there on the top of the mountain. Often, to reach the next mountain peak, there would be rocks to go around or climb. And that is where I would get my hands and knees badly scratched. It would bleed a little but that was nothing in comparison to the thrill I got when I reach my second peak and the big panorama of the view I got of the lands below and around.

    So Sister, you are climbing the second peak which is much taller than the one you have been on. Relax and know that the thrill you are about to get as soon as you get to the peak will be worth more than what you feel you are going through now.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I am standing on that peak already, Great Soul. Have bandaged my wounds and am snacking on some sweet dates and fresh spring water. I will spend some time up here breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the quiet and calm before I continue this journey. I asked that whatever was not mine to be removed from my energy field, and was surprised to discover I had enough energy after I sent off the project I had been working on for the past two months to actually shop for groceries, clean out my car and begin preparations for Mount Shasta. I didn’t realize I was carrying around so much that was not mine to carry. I would recommend everyone make this request just to see what happens. And yes, it is worth the climb, this magnificent view.

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