Through the Opened Door

Is It Possible These Pieces Fit?

Germinating seedling

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As I was working on another project today, some seemingly unconnected seeds that have been germinating in the background of my consciousness for about a week now suddenly decided to  sprout, which spurred me to start typing so as not to lose this tenuous thread.

I hesitate to go down this path, but the promise I made to myself that I would pass on the insights here as they came to me in the hopes they could be helpful to another trumps my fear. It is September, and later this month I’ll be making a return trip to Mount Shasta in California.  The last time I was there, it was September 11th.  The September 11th.  I had known for nine months that something very important was going to be asked of me on the mountain.  I did not know my visit was going to coincide with that dreadful day.

Sunrise on Mount Shasta.

Sunrise on Mount Shasta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had actually been given guidance to fly to Seattle and visit a dear friend of mine a week before that fateful day when darkness rained down upon the city of New York, and devastation ripped out the very heart of our country and stunned the world.  I had made my travel arrangements and had included a car rental so that I could drive from Seattle to Mount Shasta, attend the conference, drive back to Seattle, and then fly home from there.

The last thing I saw as I left my friend’s house to start my road trip were the planes flying into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. I almost didn’t go to Mount Shasta, but was told by the same guidance that had brought me to Seattle a week early that now more than ever I needed to do was I was being asked, so I did.  I listened to the radio on the drive down for about an hour, then I heard: turn it off. That is when I understood I was to stay focused on the reason I had been sent there, not on what was happening in the world at the time, no matter how much my human side wanted to keep up with what was unfolding.

I argued with Spirit on the way down as to whether the event was even going to be held  and was told that it didn’t matter, I was to continue driving.  I arrived at the location, and some other people were already there.  The conference presenters were driving up from southern California as no planes were flying at this point. There would be a delayed start, but the conference would take place.

I did what I was sent to the mountain to do, and traveled back to Seattle where I took a plane home.  I felt like the mission had been completed, and I was grateful that I had been able to do what had been asked of me by Spirit. I had the distinct feeling that somehow, when those 2977 souls left this world, their combined energies created a fist that punched a hole in the solidified mass consciousness surrounding the planet like the shell of an egg, cracking it.  Through this crack, the energies from the Great Central Sun could now stream onto the planet undistorted by this shell and at full strength.

In the years that have passed since then, I have watched as humanity begins to take even larger collective steps towards the Light, awakening themselves from their slumber in ever-increasing numbers.  Can I prove this is due in great part to the sacrifice of these magnificent souls?  No, but for my own mental peace about this devastation, I prefer to hold the belief that God can, and does, take something that may appear to be evil on its face and use the circumstance to further the cause of Light.

I choose to believe that such is the case here.

Fast forward to December 2010, and a phone call from a fellow servant of the Light.  Within a few weeks, plans had been made to facilitate a gathering at Mount Shasta, and the month that lit up for both of us was September.  We had no awareness of why, or when, or where when we started the planning for this event.  All understanding has come after decisions have been made. See InTheCompanyofAngels for details of the story.

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I cannot share what the small group of people who will gather there over the Equinox will be accomplishing, because I do not yet know.  I will post about when I do, likely after the event is complete, and I have had some time to integrate it.

December 2012 is fast approaching, and there is much talk about the impending galactic alignment. It was only last week, as I began to think again, as I do every year at this time, about that day; that I had the thought drop into my awareness that perhaps the opening that was created 11 years ago was actually in preparation for the coming alignment.  It would allow for the energies to stream unimpeded onto the planet in their purest form, ensuring that at least some portion of this pulse would reach the surface undistorted.

Yes, it was over a decade ago, but there is something about an 11-year cycle of time that is important, and this ‘happens’ to be the 11th year, completing the first such measure of time since that indelible event. Only the passage of more linear time will bring the answer to this question for me.  I will keep watch.  I will wait. I believe there is Greater Purpose at work here than we can understand from our perspective at this juncture.

For now, I send my deepest gratitude to every being of Light that made their exit that day. I honor your sacrifice.  I pray that humanity can step up and take advantage of the opportunity to collectively step through the door that you have opened for us.

Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen.  Don’t be afraid. ~F. Buechner

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  1. Re: September 11th: I thought I was alone in that belief – that the events of that day were also of the Light. I was thankful to all those souls who sacrificed their ‘lives’, even those who were vilified, because they all helped to bring the whole of the World together in shared love, grief, sympathy, and compassion. So much love poured into the world consciousness, that I believe that those events, alone, changed the course of the world, in a good way, in a great way. I am thankful. I, too, honor their sacrifice.

    • It is not the prevailing perspective, and I hesitated to speak up, but I’m not keeping my promise to myself if I don’t continue to write what comes up to be written. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

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