Another Story from Another Day – Part I

And the Royal One Was Hidden Away

Artist's concept of a protoplanetary disk

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Once, long ago, on a planet far from here, in a dimension more refined than this one, there lived a great people.  A royal family of ancient lineage ruled the planet.  This family understood completely their responsibility, and undertook to fulfill that responsibility sometimes to their great detriment, injury, and even death.  But it mattered not.  Only the welfare of the people and the protection of the treasure were important.  Life continues.  And the death of the body  did not mean the death of the soul.This planet was a special place, for hidden within the recesses of the deepest crystalline caves, was the Book of Knowledge.

Planet example

Planet example (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This part of the universe was a peaceful place, and the people enjoyed the bounty and the beauty of their magnificent blue and green world.  Children born to the royal family received training in the ways of rulership from almost their first breath, and like the rest of the people on the planet, they accepted the responsibility that came by virtue of their birth.  Not once in the hundreds of years that the family had been ruling this planet did any member ever question for a moment what their destiny was.

They joyfully accepted this calling, and did whatever was necessary to maintain the peace and tranquility of existence for all the people under their care.

Outsiders threatened the peace.  The lives of the people were in jeopardy,  and the safety and preservation of the Book of Knowledge was questioned.  There came into this universe from another dimension a race of beings with no conscience.  These beings sought only to destroy, to conquer, and to possess.

And war came to a place and to a people who had no concept of it.  And life in this beautiful place changed forever.

Fire rained down upon the planet from above.  The dark clouds of dust and debris that came about as a result of the destruction obscured the warmth of the sunlight.  And there was suffering.  And there was pain.

This planet was a peaceful place and had little defenses, for in truth until this time there had been nothing to defend against.  A meeting was held between members of the High Council and the royal family when it became clear it was no longer likely that the Book would be kept safe and out of the hands of beings that would abuse the power it contained.

And now the King would have to make his greatest sacrifice.  The High Council determined that the Book of Knowledge would be kept safe by storing the information within the very fiber of the essence of the being he held most dear: his child.

There is a light that shines beyond all things on Earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.  This is the Light that shines in our hearts. ~ Chandogya Upanishands.

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