Morning Coffee – 09/20/12

Memory Land

English: The west face of Mount Shasta. Photo ...

English: The west face of Mount Shasta. Photo taken from Hidden Valley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I travel across this beautiful country on my way to the gathering at Mount Shasta this coming weekend, I am driving through familiar terrain.  I spent almost ten years of my spiritual path driving some of these roads clearing and laying down a complex Light Grid.  Did I have any idea what I was doing or why I was asked to do it? Nope.

I did it because Spirit asked it of me, and that was enough.  I did get tired of the endless miles, but I will admit that some of my best insights came from those long hours in silence. I would do it all again because it was what I supposed to do.

I was midway through Nebraska when I became aware of the escort that is accompanying us to the Mountain.  I am honored that these beings would take the time and use the energy to make themselves known to us.

St Michael the archangel, dressed somewhat lik...

St Michael the archangel, dressed somewhat like a Roman soldier, about to slay the devil (in the form of a dragon) with a fiery sword. He has a shield with the Latin phrase QUIS UT DEUS? “Who is like unto God?”, which is a literal translation of the Hebrew name Mi-Ka-‘El מי־כאל . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This trip to the mountain is the result of the same type of guidance. I don’t precisely know why I am going there, but I am because Spirit asked it of me, and that is enough. As we get closer to our destination, the anticipation builds within.  I am looking forward to what is in store for this weekend. I can feel the presence of certain Masters, and the higher dimensional beings are beginning to make their appearance as well. I gave thanks to Archangel Michael today for all the work that is being done to help us arrive safely.

There has been more than one close call, and that is unusual for such a short road trip, but Michael promised that we would be watched over, and we have been.

I am excited about what awaits us on the mountain. I look forward to the opportunity to rest in the energy for a few days before this increasingly busy spirit life resumes. Anyone else out there finding themselves increasingly busy?  Spirit is piling on the assignments these days, and there is no sign of it letting up any time soon.  I was just wondering if I am the only one. I have the feeling I am not.

Time to go.  The road to the mountain awaits.

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  1. Love it – and love your “laying down a light grid” comment – how that resonates. I’ve only recently realized that I’ve been doing the same thing over the last 25 years, as I crisscross the country, and the world, and the reasons why are still revealing themselves. Who knew?!?!? WOW! Have a beautiful journey, Julie Marie – rest in the energy and light as those who are not there in person hold you up in spirit. Peace —

  2. Thank You for all you do for our planet, the Hu-mans, animals, minerals, everything! Thank You for YOU! Sending Love to my favorite Master!

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