Morning Coffee – 09/27/12

Where the Path May Lead

Coffeehouse in Palestine, circa 1900

Coffeehouse in Palestine, circa 1900 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The subject foremost in my thoughts at this time is the gathering I just participated in at Mount Shasta over the Equinox. It was interesting to watch the dynamics of a diverse group of people unfold and play out in front of me.

I had made certain assumptions about this group, and Spirit taught me almost immediately that my assumptions were just that: assumptions.  Expectation is just another form of limitation, I’ve heard.

I am not finished processing all of the lessons I learned from the weekend, so will refrain from commenting until I have all the awareness I am able to glean from the experience. I will say it was rich and varied, just like the people were. The group was a true microcosm of the whole, and included representatives from the entire spectrum of consciousness.

I received many gifts over the weekend. I received the gift of clarity. I received the gifts of insight and understanding. I received the gift of new spiritual companions. I received the gift of supportive, compassionate help when I was in desperate need of kindness. I learned that to do my best work for Spirit, I cannot do it alone.

Mount Shasta, California

Mount Shasta, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe that is the greatest lesson of all that I gleaned from the mountain. We are all in this together, and somehow we must figure out how to get it done. Together. Alone we will not succeed. By design, we must strive to understand each other and support each other. We must work to determine exactly what our part in the whole is, even if it is just to stand and be a silent witness.

The mountain was the model for the gathering, setting an example for us to follow if we chose to emulate the purity of it. I do not know if I will ever return there this lifetime, but I do know I am grateful for the indelible imprint on my heart made this weekend. I must learn to be the mountain.

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. ~ Douglas Adams

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4 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 09/27/12

  1. Bless you for not sitting around and talking about what needs to be done, but making an effort of getting out there and doing it. How are we supposed to know what it’s all supposed to look like, either? It’s not like we came with a manual for shifting a planet laden with 7 billion souls. Doing what we are guided to do is all we can do. I think every one of us matters, and I believe that the light has shifted already, tremendously. We ARE God-victorious! Thank you for being, Julie. Your light matters, OUR light matters! We are many, yet we are one.

    • These words are Truth. Doing what comes next has been my life-path for 22 years. Yes, we all matter. I do worry I did not do enough, but all I can do is what I am capable of doing in the moment, and I did do that.

  2. A channeled entity stated that December 21, 2012 marks the day that the scales that balance light and dark will weigh a little heavier on the side of light. It will only become lighter beginning on that day. Maybe, just maybe, gatherings like the one you participated in help to create/generate and expand the energy/light that we, as a people, need in order to manifest heaven/paradise here on earth. I, too, believe that we can’t do it alone. But we can certainly do our part. Light and love to you…

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