October Energy Report – 10/11/12 Trigger

Part Two

Neptune Full

Neptune Full (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A friend of mine has been speaking about the date 10/11/12, and how she felt there was something significant about it, but she didn’t know what.  That stuck with me, and so I did some digging. The first place I looked (astrology), I found what could be the explanation. Around the 11th of this month, we will experience the first in a series of Saturn/Neptune trines. (The other two will be on June 11, 2013, and July 19, 2013.)

The energy of this ten-month period can be utilized to help us get in touch with and to begin to manifest our highest visions. Saturn brings the organization and the structure. Neptune provides spiritual awareness and the energy of grace and intuition.

An example of how a cardboard Vision Board cou...

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If you do not have a vision, now would be the time to define one. I use a vision board to help my mind stay focused on the goal I have set for myself, and often have more than one vision board working. They are easy to make. Find a large piece of poster board and some magazines with lots of pictures. You will also need some scissors to cut out your puzzle pieces, and some glue to affix them to the board.

Allow your imagination to run amok. Dream big. Choose images and words that inspire you to your highest potential. The process of making concrete what you would experience in your life gives your consciousness something to focus on, which will help you real-ize the desires of your heart.

When the sun moves into Scorpio on October 22nd, look for more opportunities for personal transformation and regeneration to present themselves. October is preparing us for the November eclipses, which will be the gift of November.

The next eighteen months are critical, especially for  people who have not yet found the Light within themselves. They could potentially have an especially difficult time. Those who have discovered the Light within will be able to manifest according to their ability to perceive the broader view.

We have been between the worlds for some time now. I believe that was necessary so that all would have the opportunity to consciously choose what they want to experience.  The Earth is changing. We must change with her.

The best we can do at this juncture is to stay present. Don’t plan too far ahead. Remain flexible. Stay in your heart. Listen to your higher guidance, not the voice of your little, human self. Hold on, because November will be here before you know it, and the pace of that month will make this month’s frenetic tempo seem like a walk in the park.

You cannot change what you are, only what you do. ~ Philip Pullman

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  1. i hope so ! october and november something have to happened 🙂 lol so many experiences…i need to understand what for….have a sunny day 🙂

    • Yr welcome. I have discovered that the more I do them, the better they work for me. Helps me to stay focused. I put them on the wall right above my work space so I can see them every day and energize them with my intention.

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