Morning Coffee – 10/09/12

We Will Now Return to Our Regular Posting Schedule

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Travel. Transition. Transcendence (hopefully). All very hard work, and all needed my focused attention. I missed writing on a regular schedule, and I am actually looking forward to picking up where I left off over a month ago. It was tough for me to admit my human limitations, but I have learned over the years that I did better when I was able to work within those parameters instead of fighting against them.

Thanks to all of you who visit here on a regular basis for your patience while I did some spiritual growing. With any luck, that will show up in the writing here eventually, once I have it all integrated. I certainly have plenty of new material to write about.

My physical journey took me from the heartland to the west coast.  My spiritual journey forced me to stretch into a greater aspect of my being.  Hopefully I can live up to this newly acquired level of potential.

English: Mount Shasta from Mount Shasta City, ...

English: Mount Shasta from Mount Shasta City, CA. Taken July 2, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel different, and the people who I have come in contact with since my recent experience at Mount Shasta have, without exception, commented on a noticeable change in my physical appearance despite the fact I was exhausted from the travel and the level of energy work I had been asked to do by Spirit. Although I cannot yet definitively identify it, there’s been a change wrought in me and I’m still in the process of working to integrate that change.

I look forward to sharing many good, hot cups of morning coffee with you in the days and weeks to come.

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2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 10/09/12

  1. Spiritual Growing is all part of the journey, and welcome back.. If Im away its because my laptop is to undergo some surgery LOL..
    Wishing you well. and looking forward to more morning Cuppa’s xx Sue

    • It would not be a journey without the chance to stretch ourselves. Thanks for the welcome wagon. As soon as I recover and catch up (was on the road for three weeks), will be stopping by to visit.

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