The Importance of September 2012

Measurements Taken?

English: This is a photograph of the Shasta Al...

English: This is a photograph of the Shasta Alpine Lodge located at Horse Camp owned by the Sierra Club Foundation on Mount Shasta, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I am about to share, I cannot provide substantiating evidence for, I only have my ‘radar’ to tell me I am close to the target insight with this information. Input from any of you out there would be appreciated.

When I returned from the Mount Shasta assignment, I had a conversation with a friend who had attended a conference of a totally different sort in another location – Georgia – and learned that some of her experiences were the same as mine. This surprised me, because hers was a purely academic gathering, and the purpose of the Shasta gathering was a ‘spiritual’ one. Funny how it’s really all the same thing, the dynamics of a group, at least at the current level of growth of the collective consciousness.

My friend described feeling like she didn’t belong there, and that there was a female who attempted to dominate the group energy, even though she was not the facilitator, and said the general attitude of the participants focused on sharing their grand plans for saving the world through their research projects.

Aerial photo of Mount Shasta taken while flyin...

Aerial photo of Mount Shasta taken while flying from San Jose, California to Portland, Oregon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was a wonderful concentration of high-frequency Light-carriers in the small group at Mt Shasta. I hope to stay connected with these beautiful beings. We were 21 in number. The Atlanta gathering was closer to 1,000 people. I did not have the level of ego at my gathering that she had at hers, but there was some. I did have the energy manipulator problem too, though, which surprised me.

Why even bother telling you this?  Because months ago, I had the distinct impression that this little gathering at Mount Shasta was important, and somehow related to what is coming beginning in December of this year. I was not shown or told how this gathering related to the global gateway opening, I only knew that it was. I was under the misconception that our little microcosm was the singular symbolic representation of the current mass of humanity and that how the events progressed would send certain signals to those on the other side that are helping with the planet’s ascension process.

I had no idea that a larger perspective was in play until I spoke with this friend. When I started to get the ‘goosies’ of truth as we were talking, I understood in that moment there was something bigger than I had comprehended going on.

I now feel that there was some sort of measurement taken over the Equinox weekend that indicates how the next phase of the planetary process will be implemented. What got measured was the current state of the consciousness of humanity, specifically as to how it functions in various group settings.

Do people take advantage of the group energy to heal or to continue in their dysfunctional patterns? Do people understand what it means to follow Spirit on behalf of the good of a group or do they still not comprehend what it means to place the puzzle pieces of their individual insight into the center of the circle and allow other puzzle pieces to fit together with theirs? Do humans still cling to the outmoded Atlantean ways of manipulation and control, arrogance and negative ego to accomplish their purposes? Is there enough Light to counter-balance this ancient energy?

It is not for me to answer those questions. I do not have access to the data they gathered. I do wonder what the measurements indicated to those who gathered that data. I guess we will all find out together. Soon. I am hoping for a positive outcome.

I would be interested to hear about any other group gatherings that were on the Equinox, and what you experienced, consciousness-wise.

We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself. ~ Carl Sagan

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2 thoughts on “The Importance of September 2012

  1. Took part as a firekeeper in a weekend prayer vigil at the Washington Monument in DC, the final of the series in this iteration, which had been taking place annually for 20 years. Representatives of faiths from around the world were there, brotherhood and sisterhood being woven one loving, respectful group prayer and dance at a time. Native American groups, Christian, Sufi, Sikh, Jewish, Shinto, Buddhist, Celtic, Earth Mother, and more – it was beautiful. From sun-up Saturday until late Sunday afternoon, the prayers rose. There was some ego present, but we’re still in these bodies, so that’s no surprise. There were occasionally tendencies toward focusing on the old, the negative, the historical stories we’re still detaching from, and yet a clear preference for the new.

    The most beautiful moment, for me, came late in the darkness, around 3 or 4 in the morning, as the fire gently blazed, and the group got smaller and smaller around it – yet there were many who never left. In the midst of what was becoming casual conversation and an occasional cat-napping head bob, a young man suggested the group do prayer rounds, much like in a traditional sweat lodge. He led us through the cycles, and as the morning stars began to wink out into the first stretches of sun, the prayers went deeper and deeper, as hearts stirred and authentic voices came from those hidden places within, and we were all reminded that we truly are One. It was beautiful, and I am humbled and grateful to have been able to experience this gathering.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this. I DO feel there were many such gatherings of diversity all over the planet, and that – to the degree we were able to bring out our Authentic Selves – our progress as humans was being measured. I have had the insight, thanks to a discussion with a person who is both shaman and psychiatrist, that our ego needs to be fed, and that it doesn’t care HOW or WHAT it eats, only that it does.
      He made the observation that we choose what our ego dines on: positive, loving self-talk… or not. That ego, as you point out, is part and parcel of being in a human body, and as such I am of the recently shifted perspective that it is not something we can, or even should, work to transcend or detach from. We must instead learn to work with it in a co-operative way, much like we are being asked to do as a collective.
      I am happy there was a clear preference for what is coming. Old patterns are so familiar. It takes awhile to learn new ways of being. Hope. As long as there is life, there is hope. What a perfect place to gather in that way. Thank you for standing in Truth.

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