Insights from Mount Shasta

Some of the Principles Applied to the Mount Shasta Experience

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English: Mount Shasta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I promise this will be the last article about Mount Shasta. I want to illustrate how the principles I speak about all the time can be applied to a real-world situation or set of circumstances in order to obtain greater insights for oneself, so here goes.

Intent is everything. This one takes a little practice, but eventually one can feel the energy of another person’s intention no matter what it looks like from their actions. The challenge is to trust enough in your own IGS (Internal Guidance System)* to believe what you are perceiving. I had the wonderful opportunity to observe some of the most beautiful, grace-filled beings stand in service to the Light. Their intention was – purely – to serve in whatever way they could. Most of them did it my their mere presence. The most powerful ones did not even need to say much, but their work did not go unrecognized. To you, I bow in humble gratitude. To you, the beings that called us there bow in humble gratitude as well.

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. I was taught by my unseen Teachers that what we do has tremendous symbolic significance to those on the other side of the veil. Without an anchor for certain energies in this dimension, those energies cannot stabilize here. Sometimes it is necessary to create the anchor.

In early September of 2001, I was on Mount Shasta while the rest of the world mourned a great tragedy. I was sent there to establish a certain template, and feel I was successful because I have begun to see the manifestation of that pattern in this dimension. This September’s gathering was also about a template being established. Time will tell me if the job got done.

The group that gathered in that room this year had representatives from all directions on the Wheel, and all colors of the rainbow that is humanity. There were beings who represented the past, and some who represented the future of our species. All levels of spiritual development and awareness were present, as well. I found this particularly salient, especially since there were only 21 total present.

Since I promised this would be the last Mount Shasta article, I want to interject a little about the symbolic messages in the numbers there:  21 people. When I heard I was to look at the Major Arcana of the Tarot for a message, I knew that Card 21 was the World. The World card is about successful completion of something. As the final card in the Major Arcana, it signifies the end of a journey. But this is not an ending as with the other cards that indicate endings. This is a finishing of something that had been started, that was wanted, and had been worked towards. We are now ready to move  on to the next cycle, so although we have completed something, we cannot rest long for there is much yet to do.

A group of people answered the call to come together in that place at that time for Higher Purpose. Although I do not understand how, I must believe that Higher Purpose was fulfilled.

There were three trips up the mountain for me. On Sunday, 14 of the 21 people were present for the powerful experience I choose not to share. It was spontaneous and unplanned by the humans, but definitely planned by Spirit. You had to be there. On Monday, 14 people were present again. This was not planned, either. The most interesting thing to note is that of those 14 people, only 11 were present both days. Was this an 11:11 activation encoding?

There were a lot of ‘3s’ with this weekend as well. Three trees stood guarding the spot. Three stones in the earth. Three times to the mountain. 21 reduces to a 3, as well. Three is the number of creative power;  of forward movement overcoming duality. The Triad is the number of the Whole (it contains a beginning, a middle and an end). Three is the heavenly number, representing the soul. The One gave rise to Two, the Two gave rise to the Three. The Three gives rise to all else.

We gathered. We played our various roles to perfection. We each returned to our homes carrying the Light we are capable of transmitting. Some will be forever changed in their life experience, of that I am certain. I know I am. I received a precious gift. I was honored to function as the channel through which Spirit’s blessings flowed. And it was perfect. As always.

There is nothing like a dream to create the future. ~ Victor Hugo

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*The term Internal Guidance System (IGS) is part of the teaching as given to me by my unseen Teacher. It is a component of the material I share as part of the Intuitive Development program offered through the non-profit educational organization created to further the work of Spirit. Look for an announcement here about that organization’s formal launch soon.