Everything is Frequency – A Series. Part II

Picking Up the Thread Again

modcan B series Frequency Shifter 39B : close up

Frequency Shifter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On September 2, 2012, I posted the first in a series of articles having to do with all things vibrational.  I apologize for letting so much time pass before I continued my discussion here, but hopefully the link will refresh the memories of those who need it, and will introduce the rest of you to the basics of my perspective on Creation Itself.

As we continue to oscillate more in harmony with All That Is, the resonance of The Field is gaining in strength, thus making it easier to manifest things. The doorway is flung wide open, and increasing amounts of ultra-high frequencies of Light are streaming into our collective energy field.

Sinusoidal waves of various frequencies; the b...

Sinusoidal waves of various frequencies; the bottom waves have higher frequencies than those above. The horizontal axis represents time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who have the capacity to resonate in sympathy with these frequencies, even if only grounding in a harmonic of the original Cosmic Tone, this is a glorious time of accelerated development. For those for whom these frequencies fall outside your capacity to resonate in sympathy with, this will be more of a challenging time.

English: Illustrative image showing the Soul B...

English: Illustrative image showing the Soul Body of Light and its relationship to the physical systems. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just imagine that each one of those sine waves in the picture represents a dimension. (In your mind, reverse the layers so that the red is at the bottom and the violet at the top, however.) The red wave is vibrating at the slowest rate, the violet at the highest. The cosmic alignment that we are moving through now is offering us an unprecedented opportunity to move from the red wave to the violet wave (and beyond) in a single incarnation. That is why Earth is such a popular place now.

We have the chance to line ourselves up with the Source from which we came via our Soul connection just like the Earth is being given the chance to line Her self up with the Source from which She came originally. As Above, So Below. Indeed, we are a microcosm of the macrocosm.

Do we need to have an intellectual understanding of all of this and how it works, precisely? No. Hold the desire to complete your task and you will complete it. You can help yourself greatly by not allowing “red wave” people or situations into your life at this time. If the presence of the person or the circumstances of a situation do not uplift you, give serious consideration to setting the person free to find their own way, or choose to move away from the situation or change the circumstances in which you find yourself.

We are here, incarnate, for the purpose of raising density into the Light. It is through the operation of the principle of sympathetic resonance that this mission gets accomplished, and I will talk more about that in the next installment.

We are patterns in organic energy. We are one with all. ~ Wu Li

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6 thoughts on “Everything is Frequency – A Series. Part II

  1. Julie,
    I look forward to our next conversation with great anticipation. SO much to share and can’t wait to hear where you have landed for the moment 🙂 I sent an email yesterday and hope we can find the time to connect soon. Your article here is spot on with what’s going on and has been a topic of our conversation a lot lately!

    Until then,
    xoxo Tara

  2. Excellently explained. JM and clearly so. We are all vibration. I too have been busy and not doing my rounds as I should. I will be back in the mornng to read more. I’m viewing via my phone at the moment so forgive any errors as print so small.
    I hope you are well?
    Blessing to you
    Sue x

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. Those with a lot on their plates seem to be getting more piled on them daily. I still haven’t gotten far enough ‘ahead’ to be able to take some time to stroll through the neighborhood. May do a short walk tomorrow after Morning Coffee. Am well. As with all things, once the processing part is over, and the energy is moved out of my field, I tend to focus on what is next for me to do. Blessings to you as well, Sue. JM

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