Morning Coffee – 10/19/12

A Contemplative Cup

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To walk a spiritual path is to commit oneself to doing the work, no matter the difficulty. In order for us to raise our vibration, we must, of necessity, clear the garbage out of the receptacle.

I want to try an experiment here. Once a week for a few weeks, I will leave a seed pearl here that I have been given on my path. I have learned much from these wisdom-seeds, and hopefully  you can derive some benefit from them too. Spend a week meditating on, or just holding in the background of your awareness, the thought.  Write down whatever comes into your mind around that thought, no matter how non-relevant it may seem to your rational mind. The purpose here is to bypass that part of your mental body.

Allow some time to pass, and then revisit what you wrote in your journal. You may surprise yourself with the level of insight you have. Here’s the first pearl:

The path you take is made by walking it.

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