Morning Coffee – 10/22/12

This Makes It All Worthwhile

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 I do a lot of readings all at once sometimes, and since I am not really all there when I do them, I don’t tend to remember much afterwards. I wonder if I am even making a difference in the lives of the people who sit in front of me. Is this all worth it?

I have a new story to think about, to remember whenever I start to second-guess my choice of life path. I worked a large local event this past weekend, and because this show is reading-oriented there is not a lot of free time between clients. It was very busy, I worked long hours and was left with no time to write here, so I do apologize for the lack of words here the past few days.

It was mid-afternoon on Sunday when I noticed a couple hovering behind the client, but not moving to sign in. She looked vaguely familiar, but I did not recognize the man. When I  finished that reading, I took a small break, and that is when the woman approached me.

She told me I had done a reading for her over three years before. The subject of the reading was her grandson and the horrible seizures he was having. As she spoke to me, I could remember the desperation she had been feeling at the time, and the fear that there was only going to be a bad outcome to the situation.

It is magnificent, how Spirit works to bring people together at just the right time. She could have chosen from over 30 readers in that room then, and she ended up sitting with me. My daughter has epilepsy. I understand the trauma of hearing the words ‘there is nothing you can do’. I believe it was the power of sympathetic resonance that pulled her to my booth.

Spirit gave me the words to speak to this grandmother, and I told her about some things she might want to explore that I knew about personally, like the Ketogenic Diet. I remember having goose bumps during the reading with her, and that means there was truth in the words I was speaking to her. I had the strong feeling there were some things that could be done to help her grandson, and the goose-flesh was validating for me that I was correct.

Yesterday, some years after I had done this reading for her, she came to  seek me out, to tell me about what had transpired for her grandson. I had told her at the time that it would take about two years for him to stabilize, and it took two years. This little boy was having as many as 60 seizures a day, and the family was deeply concerned for his welfare.

She told me the reading gave her hope, and that the words I spoke gave her strength. She had something she could do, and she went out and did it. Was it easy? No. She told me how difficult the road had been, but the result was that the child’s seizures are now controlled. I could see the appreciation in her eyes. I could feel the gratitude in her heart.

I rarely get the chance to hear about the outcomes. I am grateful I was given this opportunity. I will tuck this little gem away in my heart for the future, for the days when it all gets too difficult to cope with. It will help me to move more quickly through those times. It is worth it. It is what I have been called to do. There is nothing else. I give thanks for the opportunity to deliver that message of hope and healing that day. For the grandmother, for the grandson, for the family.  I am blessed.

Your work is to discover your world, and then give all you heart to it. ~ The Buddha

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2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 10/22/12

  1. Hello Julie Marie,
    I know what you mean, when I was doing absent healing I was told the intention is everything and that the outcome did not concern me…..I was to leave it to spirit! But on some occasions I got positive feedback and it did help to show me I was on the right path. Sometimes it is good to know we are appreciated……and your blogs are certainly appreciated and I am grateful for your words and your time, so thank you thank you.
    Love and light

    • It’s that human part that sometimes steps forward. Thank you for your kind words about the work here. It is a labor of love that sometimes is more than I can keep up with, but I do try.

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