Everything Is Frequency – Part IV

It’s the Simple Things We Do

Nothing that I will share here will be a revelation. It is obvious stuff. But from personal experience, I can tell you that it doesn’t work unless you actually make the conscious, consistent choice to do any one or all of these things. So here goes.

This Statue of Shiva is Approximately 65 feet ...I spoke briefly about meditation last time. I confess, that is not my strong suit. I will spend hours working in a focused way creating something and that is the closest I have come to a regular meditation practice.

There are certain things a person can do that lend themselves to the mental state conducive to opening to higher states of awareness. Any ordinary activity done mindfully, with focus and intention can become a form of meditation. Your morning walk, when done in silence and with attention to your breath or your steps can create this state of open-mindedness.

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Organic vegetables (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In addition to moving your body, it is important what you put into your body. Perhaps your budget won’t allow you to eat all organic foods, but you can certainly cook your own food at home which would be a great improvement over picking something up at the drive through after work. It requires planning and extra effort, but at least you would know more about the frequencies you were aligning your physical vehicle to if you prepared the food yourself.

Choose the music you listen to with care. Sound is powerful and actually resonates the very cells of your body. Most of the classics will expand your energy field and raise your vibration. Certain strains of contemporary music is destructive to the human energy field.

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Nature is one of the greatest sources of support to shift our frequency in a positive way. Any time you can put yourself in a place to experience the true beauty that surrounds us every day – and we all have great opportunities for that twice a day at sunrise and sunset – you can bring yourself into harmonic resonance with the pulse of the cosmos itself. There is nothing like a full harvest moon to lift one’s heart.

Find inspiration in the lives of other people. Be an inspiration to others. Both will raise your vibration.

Cease to struggle against what is. Acceptance of one’s circumstances as they are has the effect of raising one’s vibration.

I have a few insights to share about sympathetic resonance next time to complete this series of articles.

We are patterns in organic energy. We are one with all. ~ Wu Li

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6 thoughts on “Everything Is Frequency – Part IV

  1. I have a hard time with meditation. I feel like it doesn’t work well for me but I love and enjoy listening to very soft music. I listen to a CD before going to sleep every night and through the day while doing things around the house. It makes me feel very peaceful. I feel like that’s my meditation now after reading your article. Thank you!

  2. Hello Julie Marie,
    I am back at work looking after my lady with late stage alzheimers, she is very confused and gets very anxious, but i put myself in a place of being (meditation) rather than doing, and say to myself ” I am peace, I am patient, I am compassionate and I am loving” and somehow I can keep her in the present moment for a while, and she will talk about everyday things. This eases her anxiety for a while and I know it touches her on some level as she tells me she loves me!!! Makes my work all the more worth while.

    Love and light,

    • What a blessing you are to her. Your vibration seems to be bringing a calming influence to her energy field, and she is responding to it. You are love. You are Light. Thank you for sharing this story. JM

  3. Thank you Julie, I so needed to hear this. I beat myself up all the time for not practicing my sitting meditation, yet walking my dog in the moonlight is just that – meditation!

    • I used to criticize myself for not being ‘spiritual’ enough because I didn’t have a regular sitting meditation practice. When I asked Spirit if it was going to keep me from my highest destiny, I was told what I shared in the piece. So your walks in the moonlight are the perfect way for you to expand into All That Is. Glad it was helpful. You get to let that one go now.

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