Morning Coffee – 10/27/12

Season of Change

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This is one of the busiest times of the year for me, but it also brings a lot of opportunity for insights of a grander scale. This morning’s cup is a straightforward one.

The Fall season is here, and with it comes the energy of tremendous change on a grand scale. I know people have been winding up for the end of this year, but there is an overlay (or an undertone, depending upon your point of view) to this particular time that feels different from all that.  It is the season of change.

I have lost count of the number of conversations I have had recently where people have talked about how they have no clue where they are going or what is next, but that they have a distinct sense that change is coming for them. Big change.

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The pieces are rearranging themselves on the Game Board. I have the strong sense these changes are made as individuals and groups make their choices. I have felt the shifting of my path at least four times that I am aware of in just the past few weeks. The target keeps moving so much, I have given up trying to anticipate what is coming for me.

The task for all of us now may be to simply remain focused on what is the very next thing in front of us to do, and then set about doing it. I am going to take my advice to heart, because I have found myself getting too far ahead of things lately. Back to the basics of what I was taught: Just do what comes next, and all will unfold as it should.

Time to go clean out the closet of all those clothes that no longer fit because my physical body has changed so much (in a positive direction) as a result of the work Spirit asked me to do in the past few months.

What is next for you to do?

My world was changing, and I was not ready for it. ~ Juliet Marillier

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4 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 10/27/12

  1. Funnily enough I am in the process of clearing out my wardrobe and all other rubbish that has accumulated over time, must admit it is a good feeling! And I find I don’t feel the need to buy new stuff, it just doesn’t seem important anymore.
    Another thing I have noticed is I don’t keep things from the past in mind, what is past is past, and when friends try to plan my time ahead, I can’t think that far, I have to tell them I will let them know. Maybe i am living more in the present moment?
    Love and light

    • You are describing the life of an increasing number of people I know, including myself. With me, it has gotten to the point that the extra rubbish and general ‘stuff’ is actually beginning to irritate me. It HAS to go, and a load of it will go this weekend. Every layer that leaves allows me to reevaluate what I still have left, and then another round of ‘sorting’ begins. Eventually I will know when I can stop, because the frequency of my environment will shift and things will flow more easily. JM

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