Morning Coffee – 10/28/12

Ruminations About Time

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I can feel the energies beginning to ramp up again, and it seems that this little break in the action wasn’t long enough for me. I don’t feel like I’ve had the chance to get any rest at all, and I have the distinct impression things are going to get really busy again. Quickly.

Lord, can I please just clone myself? The lesson for me these days is to prioritize and then address the things at the top of the list with everything I’ve got until the day is done and I can start fresh in the morning.

There’s no use in weeping about all that doesn’t get done, and I have noticed that I can’t get  to as much of what I wanted to because there just are not enough hours in the day. I find myself feeling irritated and annoyed as I look around and see all the undone things that still scream out for my attention.

I have cut back on the long conversations on the phone with friends. That buys a couple of hours a day. No more dallying over breakfast. There’s another 30 minutes. Write in a focused way on the blog, and no time to surf the web-waves while I’m here. There’s another hour or more saved. A side benefit of all this is, it is forcing me to be more disciplined with my time management.

Time is a resource that we should not waste.  Until we complete the transition from linear time to non-linear experience, I believe we will continue to be challenged in this way. I take these blocks of time I have carved out of my day and use them instead in a constructive way.  My body needs exercise. I now have time to go for a walk. I need to be creative. I now have time to teach myself how to play the piano.

Find the places in your life where you are not utilizing the eternally compacting linear time to its fullest advantage. Choose to make better use of that resource. Utilize that time to do something that benefits you.

My time is up here. Coffee cup is empty. Thanks for using some of your precious time to spend a few moments with me.

How did it get so late so soon? ~Dr. Seuss

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2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 10/28/12

  1. The old saying “you are never given more than you can handle” is not always true. I think Spirit doesn’t know what it is to be in a body and even those of us who listen to the guidance from Spirit know the physical body is just that, physical and we can’t always push it beyond its limits. Remember what happened to Edgar Cayce. Take care of your self dear Queen, you are very precious to this little planet and to all of us during this time.

    • Beloved MaryLee~I totally agree with you. I do remember Edgar Cayce’s choice to ignore Spirit’s guidance. It cost him his health. I promise to continue to take care of myself. I actually said ‘no’ to a show this past weekend because I am still under the weather. I’m learning to balance the various parts of my life better. Thank you for caring, and for always being there with your beautiful, loving heart. You, too, are precious to this planet, this Universe. You and your beloved partner.

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