Everything Is Frequency – Conclusion

Sympathetic Resonance

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Over the years, I have expanded my understanding about how the principle of sympathetic resonance operates. Certain situations and experiences can have an overlay of familiarity to them and usually when this ” deja vu” thing happens, it’s an indication that sympathetic resonance is in play.

From the perspective of our soul, our existence is infinite, without end.  From the perspective of our human incarnation, we see our existence as finite.

As soul, we have many aspects and these aspects incarnate at various points along the timeline in order to gain in wisdom through experience. From our perspective, we would see that this pattern of incarnation is sequential.  In other words, I have lived other lifetimes before this one and have had experiences that have left indelible imprints at soul level.  Some of these I would choose to keep.  Some of these I have yet to complete.  Some of these need to be healed because I came away from the experience without the wisdom I had sought as a soul, learning.

In my current incarnation therefore, I would set up a series of circumstances that would echo the circumstances from the prior lifetime that I still needed to understand.  Depending upon the strength of that field, I would then be able to revisit that theme and perhaps make a different choice. By shifting the energy of the situation this lifetime, I also shift the energy from the prior lifetime.  This is possible through the operation of the principle of sympathetic resonance.

The other way in which sympathetic resonance operates that’s particularly relevant at this time is through the establishment of a harmonic of a higher dimension of existence or consciousness.  Many people on this planet have managed to accomplish this individually, we are now in the process of attempting this collectively.

You can use the principle of sympathetic resonance to change your vibration and bring yourself in alignment with these higher dimensions.  What this does in effect is open the doorway from your consciousness to that dimension through the principle of resonance.  This is how, mechanically, most channelled material comes through. The person receiving the information is able to resonate at a harmonic of the higher frequency and because of this capability is able to bring through information.  The clarity of the information is dependent upon the ability of the instrument to hold the field in a stable way during the transmission.

The doorway to the Infinite is opening.  We are being called to bring ourselves in alignment with the higher aspects of our Being and then with the rest of Creation.  We are being given the unprecedented gift of re-membering (of bringing together all aspects) ourselves. This is a rare opportunity, and should not be wasted.  Sympathetic resonance is a tool that you can use to help raise and maintain your vibration.

By three methods we may learn wisdom: first by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. ~ Confucious

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2 thoughts on “Everything Is Frequency – Conclusion

  1. I am always delighted when people understand we are first and formost frequency and vibration… I am often hearing the words from the Bible and often quote it to those who disagree…
    And forgive if Im not word perfect here..

    ‘In the Beginning was the word, and the word was with God ‘… Word meaning sound… we all resonate within Sound waves within our various frequencies… dimensions
    A wonderful enlightening post JM…

    • That is the core of my spiritual walk this lifetime: sound. Vibration. Frequency. The words everything is frequency have been on my business cards for years. I work with layers of frequency when I do the energy work (which is frequency application as well). Crystals have their octave. Sound has its octave. Essential oils have their octave. The energy the Source delivers through my instrument has its octave. Together, these various layers can bring whatever level of harmony the receiver is open to and it runs the gamut from a sense of relaxation bordering on deep peace to an actual physical healing of something that has been out of balance for awhile. My function is to listen and follow until the work is done. I am always amazed, and privileged to be of service in this way.
      I am happy you enjoyed this post. ~Julie Marie

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