Morning Coffee – 10/31/12

Take a Moment to Remember

Wow, these were good lattes. Stumptown Coffee.As you sip this morning’s cup, take a moment to remember your loved ones who have crossed. Love is the bridge that connects us all, whether we are together here or waiting on the other side of the Great Divide.

We have one thing in common as a species, we remember our ancestors, our loved ones in unique and beautiful ways. Some cultures have an intimate, ongoing relationship with their loved ones. In other places, it is a time like this (November 1st is All Saints Day or the Day of the Dead) when the memories of those we loved come most frequently to mind.

Photo No. AC86-0720-2 – Taken from Kuiper Airb...

When I look up at the stars at night, I remember those who are no longer with me. The twinkling lights are comforting, and remind me of the billions of lights that have burned brightly here and that now illuminate another realm so beautifully.

Take a moment to acknowledge those who have gone before you. Perhaps they did not live the kind of life you would have wanted them to live, but they lived the life they chose for themselves. We cannot comprehend the purpose of someone else’ experience. We can only remember they were humans, and they struggled just like we do.

Godspeed to all of them. May they find peace. May we find peace as well.

Life is a dream from which we all must wake before we can dream again. ~ Robert Jordan

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2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 10/31/12

  1. Yes even those guides/friends who bring their teachings to us Julie Marie have once upon a time walked and experienced our Human emotions and been tested just as we are being tested… May we all find peace.. as we send those who have passed over our love and peace… Beautiful words x

    • I would not have it any other way. They need to have walked at least a mile in my moccasins in order to be able to be of useful assistance to me as I make my way through this human experience…And I do feel they have. Repeatedly. Experience is the best teacher, after all. The words for this Cup just came pouring out of me, so I don’t know how much was my little self, and how much was my Greater Self, but it doesn’t really matter now, does it? I appreciate your feedback as always, Sue. Blessings to you ~ JM

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