November Energy Report

The Gifts of November

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The energy of November brings with it many gifts.  Is Christmas coming early this year?  Since June of this year, we have been hard at work integrating (or resisting) the leading edge of the major shifts coming our way. Collectively, we’re at a crossroads, and the choices we make now will have long-lasting and far-reaching ramifications.

Since there’s so much to talk about this month, this first installment will be an overview and I will look at some of the most important energies of November in the next post.

If you are one of those who stays focused on your spiritual growth, you may find the first two weeks of November will be an accelerated time in your growth process.  It is almost as if this is a window of opportunity should we choose to avail ourselves of it.

And as usual, however, we must do our part.  Many of us have been cleaning out, letting go, clearing, lightening our load, creating new space, purifying our physical.  This is an excellent time to finish up the new spiritual growth projects you’ve already started.  Just remember, you must take responsibility for the work that still needs to be done.So do it.

We been asked by the Heavens to get real with ourselves and our life circumstances of late.  Some of the lessons were especially difficult, but the hard work is going to begin to pay off.  This month, the Universe is supportive of upward, expansive movement in our lives at this time, so make the most of this energy.

Be open to renewing your ideals, or to receiving new ideas or viewpoints that can help open new paths of spiritual development for you. We must pay special attention to rapidly changing circumstances at this time, and figure out how to use these changes to our best advantage.

Remember that Saturn is now in Scorpio, so do not be surprised if you find yourself in more complex, intense or deep relationships.  This is a good time for you to be persistent, insistent, and resistant.  Keep your eyes on the prize.  Don’t settle for less.

If you have done the work that we’ve been asked to do since June, then you probably let go of a lot of your old patterns, especially as they relate to relationships.  The universe abhors a vacuum.  Surrender to new ways of relating, a new role to play, new ways of living your life.  Be patient with yourself.  Pay attention to the energies coming into your life this month.  Take responsibility for what is yours to be responsible for, and  release that which is not yours to carry.

The most important thing you can do it this time is to remain focused.  Eliminate everything that is not relevant to your long-term spiritual growth.

  Here is a simple process that you might consider doing at this time.  Get clear about what you are experiencing or feeling.   Pay attention to circumstances or situations where you are still attached to those old feelings and perceptions. Make the changes you know you must make now.

Update your perspective by seeking out new information or understanding.

It is time to shed extreme values or people who are pulling us off our path or are holding us back.

Stay open to possibility.  Stay open to being shown who you are and who you are not.  We have an opportunity to move more into our authentic selves at this time if we choose. But we remain true to ourselves in order to accomplish this.

We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that may prove to be. ~May Sarton

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  2. I have felt it also, this surge in energy, this last few days I awoke feeling alive and fresh and alert as if waiting for something with excitement in my veins… The Energies have altered from feeling heavy and dense..
    Very true…
    Lovely post.. Sue

    • I didn’t think that heaviness was ever going to lift. So relieved to be feeling the Lightening Up…(Thank God – no pun intended – for the cyclical nature of Creation! I can always remind myself that ‘this, too, shall pass.’) Thank you for your kind comments.

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