Morning Coffee – 11/4/12

Something New

coffee being poured into a cup

A fresh cup.

I have been feeling the urge to start a radio show and do webinars instead of traveling so much. There has to be a better way to reach people than wearing myself and my car out driving all over the country.

This morning, I had the chance to experience what it would be like to do a radio show. I was the guest on a local radio station and we talked about mediums and messages from the other side. We also spoke about the spiritual path in general, and answered questions from people who called in with their concerns.

A couple of times, I could feel I did good work for Spirit, passing on a message that needed to be given. I could feel that the words being received. Hope delivered, an action plan suggested. I also gave a message to the show’s producer from her Grandmother afterwards.

Thank you, Spirit, for arranging this timely  “experiment” for me. I don’t think many of us get the opportunity to try on that new adventure before we embark on it, so I consider myself doubly fortunate.

I loved it. I would do it again tomorrow if I could. I need to find out how to make this happen. I want to try to do a show online. I would like to reach out to people in the same way I have been able to with this blog.

The prospect of interacting live with people in conversation about Spirit is exciting. Despite the fear that I am not able to technically rise to the challenge, I must move forward with this. I experienced too much joy today to not at least try.

It is something new, and therefore a bit scary. But I won’t know unless I give it an honest attempt. Look for me in some form out on blog radio in the months to come. It came so naturally to me, I didn’t even have a case of the nerves before we began. Frankly, I was surprised. I used to sing professionally, and always had stage fright before the curtain went up. Not this time. But this time, it wasn’t about me, or for  me. It was about Spirit, and for Spirit and to be of service to the people.

What have you been thinking about trying that you haven’t yet given yourself permission to do? Maybe it’s time to go for it.

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. ~Confucius

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4 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 11/4/12

  1. Hi, Julie.

    I love the idea of your webinars and radio shows. Some of my significant spiritual steps began with making connections via internet (Angels and Buddhas come though internet loud and clear) so I think it’s a great opportunity. With the weather being highly unpredictable now a days, I’m reluctant to sign up for events so I like the idea of a retreat right at home.

    In light,

    • Shizuko~Thank you so much for the input and encouragement. Your comment is also one of the reasons I have been considering this so intensely. I would rather not travel so much, only when necessary, really necessary. (Like the Mount Shasta project) Stay tuned.:-)

  2. Dear Julie,
    Radio show is an interesting new territory for you to try. Please, go for it. It is rewarding beyond expectations. I used to do some shows in Burundi and I would get positive feedback from people I did not expect to listen to radio.
    So go for it.

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