Morning Coffee – 11/05/12

The Supermarket of Spirituality

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This morning’s cup is an introspective one, perhaps brought on by the change in the weather.  I tend to turn inward when the weather gets cooler.

I have found myself wondering what has happened to spirituality and the spiritual path lately.  This morning when I sat down to write this morning cup, the image of a modern-day supermarket was dancing in front of my eyes.  Instead of aisles of brightly colored soda water with absolutely no nutritional value or the aisle of snack foods that does nothing to support the body and in many ways actually causes it harm, I saw instead the brightly colored marketing packages that represent the newest, the greatest, and the best techniques for instant enlightenment.

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Is that garbage that dominates the supermarket even qualified to be called “food”?  For years, I’ve shopped the perimeter of the supermarket because that’s where all the good stuff is.The phrase “snack food” is a contradiction in terms.  It is a snack, but most of the time it’s not food.

It’s the packaging that attracts us.  We don’t bother reading the labels, we grab the name brand because it’s familiar, throw it in our cart, and press on.  We’re in a hurry.  We don’t have time to make careful selections.

The spiritual path has become increasingly commercialized and watered down in a similar way.  The brightly colored popular stuff is in the middle of the marketplace, and people zip in with their carts eager to grab the newest offering.  They don’t even take the time to read the label.

Just as with the regular supermarket, I would encourage you to shop the perimeter instead of going for the easy stuff in the middle of the store.  Yes, it takes more work to make something from scratch using only the best of ingredients, but why would you want to feed yourself anything less than the most nutritious food you could find?  That includes what you feed your spiritual body.

Choose what will sustain you, for that is what will serve you best in the long run.  You will be healthier.  You will be stronger.

The more choices we have, the greater the need for focus. ~Tom Butler-Bowden

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    • I have always encouraged my Intuitive Development students to give the first few moments of their day to Spirit. I believe it sets the tone and the person’s intention for the day. Turn your attention to the Heavens while you are walking this Earth. Thank you for visiting.

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