Morning Coffee – 11/08/12


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I was awakened at 4-something this morning, and could not go back to sleep. I do not stay in bed if I cannot sleep because I don’t want my body to learn a bad habit, so I got up and came in here to write for a little while.

The only word I heard in my head as I sat at the keyboard staring at the blinking cursor was “resilience”. OK, another word of the day post.

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As I sip my warming coffee, my mind travels to the people on the East Coast. A mighty storm shook their world and left thousands of them without power, literally and figuratively. It didn’t take long for the stories of heroism, compassion and determination to surface.

The hospital workers who worked tirelessly to evacuate desperately ill patients down nine flights of stairs in the dark. Employees of Bleeker Street Pizza – the only place for miles around with hot food – made pizza by flashlight and still kept the cost for a slice of their pie at the same price as always: $2.50. Bravo to you, Bleeker Street Pizza.

Houses of prayer became places of refuge for thousands. Goldman Sachs handed out free water and power as people took shelter in the lobby. Twenty-three states were affected by this storm, and it looks like more challenges are on their way.

Resilience is the capacity to adapt successfully in the face of threats or disaster, and for the most part, these people are demonstrating incredible courage and tenacity in the face of overwhelming disaster with more on the way.

It is helpful to seek supportive relationships with friends, family and peers. Develop these connections before you find yourself in a dicey situation. Believe in yourself and your abilities and identify your strengths.  Reach out to help others where you can. The people of New York and other areas hit hard by this storm have been a magnificent example of how, despite their own personal losses, an individual can do something to help another who is less fortunate.

There may be more of the same headed all of our ways. None of us is immune to sudden calamity. We can work on the things that will allow us to be more resilient in the face of such disaster before we find ourselves in it, and that will help us move through whatever comes our way with more resilience.

The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived. ~ Robert Jordan

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  1. Yes we will all know what it is to bend in the wind of change real soon. Lots happening behind the scenes right now…. the thing is to stay focused and positive… and pull together no matter what happens as One… Unity is something we will all need to keep things together.. xxx

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