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Eclipse Day

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Total solar eclipse(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps it’s the energy of the eclipse, but it’s been a very intense 24 hours.  It’s been so intense it’s moved me to write another article or two about eclipses, specifically solar eclipses like the one we are starting to feel the energy of today and tomorrow.

Solar eclipses bring to light what was hidden and force us to clean house.  They offer an opportunity to expand our capacity for knowledge and to find the courage to confront, when necessary, unpleasant truths.  It is a time when old wounds often break open and can be healed if we give them the proper attention.  It’s important to stay mindful that eclipses are about helping us, not causing chaos, and that  eclipse energy is here to help us bring order to our inner world.

scorpion on a rockEclipses provide us with incredible opportunities to grow and mature as we identify the things that are out of place and are in need of change in our lives. This eclipse is in Scorpio, which is about our deep unconscious, about healing and transformation.

This is an eclipse on a new Moon, and therefore the potential to manifest intensifies during this time.  Remain mindful however, that Mercury is still retrograde, so if you’re going to focus on manifesting things, be advised you are best served by only putting your attention on those things that are most aligned with your highest vision and purpose and that will lift you towards expressing your highest potential as incarnated soul on this planet at this time.

What a magnificent opportunity this is for healing your deepest wounds.  Because it comes at a time very near the ending of a major age on this planet, I would encourage you to expand your personal healing work to include not just your wounds from this lifetime but also for this entire cycle of incarnation (26,000 years). Think “macrocosm” here. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

If something got triggered in your life recently, reach back to the genesis of the energy string and ask for help from Spirit to pull the entire thread out so that something of a more refined frequency is woven into the tapestry of your existence in its place. The Universe abhors a vacuum, so as you do this work, don’t forget to set your intention for something more in alignment with your highest purpose come into your energy field in place of whatever it is you release.

Do you want to carry this energy, this dysfunctional pattern, into the turning of the next age?  I say do the work and leave it behind.  The energies of this year continue to escalate and intensify.  All of this is in preparation for December 21.

We must heal as many aspects of our awareness as possible now.  There really is no tomorrow.  We need to take whatever steps necessary to improve ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  The work we’re being asked to do at this time is not easy, but I believe it’s the most important work any of us will do this entire incarnation.  There’s only a little over a month left to do this, but change can happen in an instant.  Don’t be overwhelmed. Do what you are able to do.  Do it now.

Remember that eclipse energy is about setting patterns.  The day of, and the days around, any eclipse are an excellent time to do things you love to do or have wanted to do.  This will help set the pattern.

Have you always wanted to write?  Then write.  Have you been meaning to exercise?  Go for a walk.  Have you been contemplating eating better?  Do it today.  Is that project to clean out your closets still waiting to be started?  Go get some bags and some boxes and at least clean out part of it. I’m going to be spending some time with an electronic keyboard.

The energy of an eclipse seems to accelerate the pace of things, and even a small effort seems to count for more during these times.  If you need to accelerate something, this is the time to do it.  You have the balance of this week to take best advantage of this eclipse.

We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work.   ~Thomas A. Edison

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Scorpion photo by Carsten Peter, from National Geographic website.


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