Morning Coffee – 11/16/12

Between Worlds

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As I waited for the water to boil this morning, I found myself thinking about a couple of conversations I’ve had lately. The subject was the same, the question the same. Why does it feel like I need to move forward into something else, but cannot seem to get clear about which direction or what it is I need to do these days?

I asked Spirit the same question recently because I can feel that change is coming to my world, I just can’t seem to get a bead on what that is, what it looks like. In frustration, I did ask for some guidance and here is what came: Wait. Wait until after the Solstice event this December 2012  before you make any decisions about the trajectory of your spiritual path.

Things are in such flux now, it is difficult to get clarity about much of anything past the end of this year, at least for myself and for some others I’ve spoken with.

We are standing in the gap, the space between the Breaths, the realm of unlimited potentiality. I believe we serve ourselves best at this time to stay as present as possible so we can take fullest advantage of these energies. The purpose of this time is to prepare us, so we need to do what we need  to do to get ready to cross the thresh hold. What comes after that will come to us after we complete this step.

I tell people all the time to stay as present as possible, to not get too far out ahead of themselves, yet I’ve found myself doing exactly  what I encourage others not to do. Time to pull it back and bring all my attention to bear on these next few weeks and what I need to do to make room for the Gift that we are about to receive.

If you’ve had the same experience lately, consider the possibility that this is what is going on for you as well. Breathe. Relax into the moment. Stay present. It is all progressing as it should.

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14 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 11/16/12

  1. Yes we often can get ahead of ourselves instead of living in the present moment… Thank you for your own timely reminder of preparing ourselves to pass that threshold.. I often am so busy informing others, I forget about my self and then wonder why I waver as I feel stuck often… I just need to trust the flow of energy/life… and we will all be shown and become aware of our purpose as the road unfolds before us…
    many thanks

  2. Julie, you are definitely not alone in this experience. I have felt that I’ve been “on hold” for the last 6-9 months. I have tried to be patient and accept that all is as it should be, but it felt discouraging and frustrating. Things have finally started getting active for me again, slowly, as if the Universe is telling me “ok, NOW the time is approaching.” Good things are coming. Blessed be. ❤

  3. Julie,
    Thank you for putting in words the feeling I have these past 3 months and the answer I keep getting.
    You have the right words to express my actual life.

  4. Love this, Julie Marie, and so on par… I’ve been guided to relocate to DC (currently near Annapolis), so I’ve shifted my job hunt that direction and am working on my Plan 55 – taking daily steps with the aim of being settled in to a new chapter by mid-January. Things are already shaping up, with temporary housing opportunities appearing. As for the job hunt, part of me feels like “push, push, push, find, find, find” and part of me feels exactly the opposite (actually, I’ve been craving needlework and nothingness) – which is when I start asking myself why. If I found and accepted a job offer now, will I find myself guided elsewhere in a month?!?! Hmmmm… taking this one baby step at a time, following my gut and the guidance that comes, trying to relax into it all, and trusting, reminding myself, that even when I don’t feel like I always know the answers, in retrospect (and sometimes immediate feedback), I find I was doing exactly what I supposed to be doing… more tuned in than I give myself credit for (a lesson there for all of us, perhaps). Gotta trust that now, and be ready to LEAP when the timing feels right.

    Peace for your journey ~~~ so happy we crossed paths!

    • Happy to have been able to be a ‘validator’ for you as you move through your cycle of change. One step at a time is right. And trust is of paramount importance, plus then having the courage to act in accordance with the guidance you’ve been given. I too am happy our paths crossed. Continue to share your Light, Mary.

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