Peeling the Onion

Another Level, Another Layer

Red onion slices

As we progress along our spiritual path, certain issues come up to addressed. We do the work and resolve the issue, and then we move on.  We think we have conquered the problem, and we rejoice. Then we complete that cycle of spiritual growth and expand into our next level of growth.

We move into that new space and way of being, and are surprised when that same issue comes back into our lives. It usually shows up in a slightly different form, but we can still recognize the familiar energy. This often creates intense frustration with ourselves. We did the work and here it is again! We are a hopeless failure! We are never going to achieve our spiritual goals!

We are like onions, people. Each time we master a consciousness ring and move to the next innermost ring on our way back to Center, we will encounter the next layer of the template of our consciousness which contains the same combination of energies as at the level we just ‘graduated’ from. Now we have the opportunity to engage the next level of that issue with the heightened awareness we have gained through doing the spiritual work of the prior layer.

Eventually, we will reach the Center. We will have integrated all the disparate parts of our onion of Consciousness, until all that remains is the center. Then the journey will begin again in another form, for consciousness is infinite and never-ending.

If you are doing the work, and making your best effort to clear and integrate the energy, then be gentle with yourself. Be patient with yourself. You can only take one step at a time, so don’t beat yourself up when that is all you accomplish. One day, on one of those layers, you will not encounter that issue.

That is when you will absolutely know you have set yourself free of it.

The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter. ~Paul Coelho

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2 thoughts on “Peeling the Onion

  1. Ha ha~! Encountered that this week! Happy to say when it came back around, I realized I did not have an emotional “charge”, and immediately began implementing my spiritual tools. Was happy to walk away from the situation realizing that I had moved to another level. 😀

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