Morning Coffee – 11/18/12

Awakened at 444 AM – Again

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I went to bed last night pondering my path. Some weird things happened at a show I’m doing this weekend, and it got me wondering if I’m getting something wrong as far as what Spirit would have me do.

I don’t know exactly what it was that awakened me, but as I lay in the darkness, the first thought that came to me was a plea to my Higher Guidance to show me, clearly, what direction is right for me? I got the urge to reach over and check the time on my cell phone which was on the charger. When I flipped it open, it read 4:44.

I had heard about Doreen Virtue’s book on numbers from a student in one of my classes, and since I could not go back to sleep, I got up and came in here to write. I had the hit to do a search to see what the meaning of the 444 was, and whether it had any relevance to my situation. Here’s what I found:

444 resonates with the higher angels, specifically the ArchAngels, and the sequencing of three 4’s indicates that the influences are enhanced or magnified. The number 4 is the number of harmony and rewards for hard work well done.

The message of the 4’s is that the angels are with me, encouraging me to continue on my current path for it will lead me where I need to go. The 444 indicates that I need not concern myself with how I am doing the work or fulfilling the purpose for which my Soul has incarnated here at this time. I am to trust. All is well. I am on the correct path.

I got a rush of confirmation when I had the thought that ArchAngel Metatron (there it is again) is connected to the number 4, the energy of it invokes his presence, somehow. I am going to do some personal ‘research’ on this awareness to see where it may lead.

What’s the take-away here for readers? We all have our doubts from time to time. Our human side is, well, our human side. If there’s doubt, ask for clarity. I did. I was surprised by the instant response. All is well.

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5 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 11/18/12

  1. Julie,
    Your message to me about “The Yellow Rose of Texas” and my subsequent reading with you really put a lot of things into perspective for me.

    I am on the path and working as hard as I can.

    I so appreciate you, and your talent. Thank you so much for giving me the messages that gave me such a powerful nudge.

  2. 444 is also been within my waking time also Julie and I too have Doreens number book… very useful it is too 🙂 and I have no doubts we are being given the signs, its just learning to read them and follow that inner guidance. We are always never alone upon our lightworkers journey 🙂
    Thank you for sharing …

  3. Julie, I woke uip at 4:44 yesterday morning. I keep track of the numbers like this and
    check my angel book frequently because it happens to me all the time.. So the information regarding this number was comforting. It lets me know that the angels are always with

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