Notes from My Road Less Traveled-Chapter 5

Familiar Territory

Route dans les Pyrénées françaises

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to spend days, sometimes weeks, in my car driving from place to place across (mostly) the middle of this country drawing energy lines creating geometric shapes that I suspect were, or still are, part of some sort of energetic grid the purpose of which escapes me.

It was hard work. It was pretty lonely work. It was deeply satisfying work. I knew this solitary effort was making a difference somehow. I also knew that if I was to understand the purpose for my thousands of miles of meandering, I would be given the information. I am still waiting for that insight.

Photo of mountain in the distance, trees in foreground

Mt. Shasta(c)2012

The road trip to the West Coast for the Mount Shasta gathering turned into a trip down memory lane for me. I thought it was just about re-visiting many of the places I’ve lived since this awakening began for me, but when I felt myself being pulled off the road at a ‘random’ exit, I could feel the familiar energy of a road trip that was more than just a road trip. It was about working the grid. I haven’t done any of this type of work for over a decade, and thought I’d finished it.

Photo of Mount Rainier taken from Paradise parking lot.

They were waiting for me at Mount Rainier.              (c) 2012, Julie Marie.

I had the chance to do some clearing work at a few locations, and was able to reinforce one of the main pathways I’d established in the late 90s through the early years of this century.

It was good to be back in harness in this way again. This time I actually took some photos along the way. I didn’t take photographs during the decade I spent traveling doing this work, but now wish I had. I saw some wondrous things then, some beautiful parts of this country that will have to live only in my memory.

Photo of a meadow with mountains behind.

Stopped to inhale the beauty and the peace.         (c) 2012, Julie Marie.

It was interesting to observe how it felt to be retracing my path. There was meaning in this exercise. I got the opportunity to assess my progress and realized that I am not the same person who drove those highways. I have done enough inner work over the years since those days that I could clearly see the difference in me.

A brief look back at where you’ve been, and who you were then, can help integrate just how far you’ve come. Thanks, Spirit, for the opportunity to see myself from a different perspective.

Photo of a stretch of open road

Montana traffic jam.(c) 2012, Julie Marie.

This is an excellent time of the year for anyone to look back over the road they’ve traveled. Hindsight brings a clarity that the moment does not always offer. Take some time to review your journey. Acknowledge the things you still have to work on, and commit to improving on those things. Also  give yourself credit for the work you’ve done to harmonize your vibration. Not everyone is willing to invest in themselves in that way, and if you have, then give yourself positive feedback for the effort.

Photo of sky as sun sets, clouds pink against the light blue sky.

Room to breathe out here. This is why they call it Big Sky country. (c) 2102, Julie Marie.

You’ve made room for blessings to come into your life. Give thanks to your guides and angels for helping you overcome the opportunities disguised as challenges that have come your way this year.

It is behind you now, but no looking back in the rear view mirror. Look forward to the road ahead and rejoice as it unwinds before you.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but (in) seeing with new eyes. ~Marcel Proust

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  1. Beautiful photos Julie, and thank you for allowing us to share in them… Yes if we look back we can see just how far we have come…. and still a ways to go! 😉 but thats all part of every journey, overcoming the obstacles along the way with a sense of achievement and pride and nostalgia …. each path plays its part to our final destination 🙂
    lovely post

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