Morning Coffee – 11/24/12

2012 – The Catalyst Year

Cup of coffee with whipped cream

Cup of coffee with whipped cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had more than one client this past weekend speak about how difficult this year has been for them. I want to use this morning’s cup to talk a little about what 2012 brought us. The Universe has been sending the gift of catalyzing energies in ever-increasing waves of growing intensity since the beginning of this year.

A catalyst is an agent of change, and these energies modify the rate of a process. A catalyst will  start a process or speed up one that is already underway. The energies coming to us from the Universe at this time are accelerating the process of the planetary shift of the ages that has been underway for decades.

This year, anything that is not in alignment with our higher purpose is being, or has already been, removed from our environment. Some of us have undergone such upheavals in all areas of our lives this past year it’s been difficult to keep up with all of it. It was comforting to find out I was not the only one having this experience. Things I thought were permanent and unchangeable, changed.

Some things fell completely away while others faded a little. I was left wondering about it all, but the guidance I’ve received is to now just be at peace with what is, and to wait. Have patience. Resist the temptation to fill the space that was created. My human aspect is balking, but I do know better than to push the river. I only end up getting wet when I try that.

The catalyst was necessary in order to clear the energy to make way for the gift that is on its way. If your life has seen such change this year, and you are feeling unsure of what to do next, wait. If you have the latitude to do so, I would encourage you to wait until after the first of the year to make any major decisions about changes to your life situation. Take the time to tend to the things you can, and leave the rest until after the December download.

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4 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 11/24/12

  1. I totally agree….stay centred and go with the flow….sound like the ageing hippy that I probably am!! xx

  2. Message received, dear Julie Marie. I feel like this year was a roller coaster. I was in a washing machine and now I’m clean. My inner peace is growing more each day. Sometimes I would worry as I did so much in the past, but it’s like I cant do that anymore. Because now, even when there is difficulty sometimes, I look at it differently!
    I feel protection and peace. Angels are everywhere dancing around me, and I’m so thankful! Sometimes I just cry because I understand in my heart what this word “thankful” really means!

    Here’s to following the journey. Hope to know more about yours!

    Many blessings to you from France

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